Lady Gaga x Mugler 

October 09 [Sun], 2011, 12:22
i have been addicted to lady gaga music no thanks to theirry mugler.

Mama monster totally owned that runway! damn i want those black dresses :(

hello hello! 

September 29 [Thu], 2011, 1:55
i decided to blog again, as i have realized one thing. there are too many awesome things going through my life that needs to be type in this little space of mine.

for e.g: shitting in the middle of the night and freaked out when there is spots of blood found on my tissue. my immediate thought is 'i'm gonna die of colon cancer' like seriously?

called my bf and thanks to my 1 phone call he is wide awake and he thinks that i'm a hypochondriac. maybe i should not worry too much. but one thing leads to another. from bleeding ass to some other scary shit, and the last thing i want to hear from the doc is to cut down on spicy food. i think i will die even faster upon hearing that!

super random note. i cant wait for my awesome shoes from zipier !!! i love my friend for helping me to take orders from that korean online store. :D

it feels good to be back blogging about stuff i love.

dear japan.  

March 13 [Sun], 2011, 22:29
Japan is now hit with earthquake and i'm very sadden to know about it when i on my TV. To actually see your home destroyed with your own eyes and family member is separated not knowing weather they are dead or alive is indeed very traumatizing.

i do pray for their safety and that family members will reunite soon.

lack of inspiration  

March 07 [Mon], 2011, 16:16
yes, i finally moved my ass to actually type in this miserable blog of mine. Alot of things has been going on in the year of 2011. Needless to say, i actually hang out with my peers more and i'm less of a emo kid this day as what my friend calls it. i wonder if that is a good thing to start with, as i kind of miss the solitary.

this are my 2 buddies of 11years, i miss them loads! i miss the days where we can just hang out after work to eat dessert and slack at some random park near our place. but they are attached now :( i'm seeing the less of them . the fact that they are stuck in camp and have throw away their single status for good just makes me feel so alone.


February 08 [Tue], 2011, 1:48
Happy Lunar New Year!!! 

<3 from sunny island singapaore :D 

Burberry resort 2011 

January 14 [Fri], 2011, 17:15
Burberry Resort 2011. with all the animal prints in the rage this days ,christopher bailey has also join in the fun to play around with animal prints and i sincerely hope that it is not made out of real fur. Despite all this,he still manage to design something simple and strong and all those boots is to die for. And those waist belt? Gonna stock up on those to accessorize all my tops and maxi dresses as simple accessories like this will actually make your old outfit into something fresh and new.

Photo credit :

so many things to update on!  

January 11 [Tue], 2011, 2:52
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!! happy new year!!!!!! so many things to update on! Burberry Spring summer 2011/12, Rod Houraini Spring summer 2011/12 , Alexander Wang Spring summer 2011/12 and SO MUCH MORE!!!

bought quite a few things to kick start the year and i have been telling myself to update my blog more often. but due to my procrastinating nature and the fact that i have so many things going on with my life i lack the inspiration to do so and all i ever think of is work and school. boring i know... but that is life isn't it?

Went Clubbing with my buddies and it was the best year of my life! it;s so rare that 4 of us can get together to celebrate New year days and eve together. what more can i ask ?

CHEERS TO A BRAND NEW YEAR!! although it;s a bit late...BUT !!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

boots porn :D  

December 18 [Sat], 2010, 15:10

this picture was taken at random while we were shopping at haji lane. One of my favorite boots because it;s so freaking versatile and goes with almost everything in my wardrobe. i think that all girls should have a pair of boots ready in their shoe closet at all time just in case you want to wear something comfortable and chic at the same time.

though it may sound crazy to wear a knee high boots in Singapore but who the hell cares if you look so hot in it!

my long over due post- something personal  

December 12 [Sun], 2010, 3:13
i really do apologize for the lack of updates. As work and studies has taken it's toll on me and i'm on the verge of giving up my studies. But like my friend say, i'm already half way there, don't give up now! haven't touch my guitar for ages and i feel that my skill is rusting. which is not a good sign.

i really feel sorry for my darling , i haven't got much time to spend with my dearest . it's either i'm too cranky, or too tired to talk and entertain. Losing even more weight than what i am supposed to is not helping either, and i'm not happy that my size have a huge switch from M to S. not a good sign.

And i still wonder... am i still suitable for this post. it's not doing my health any good.

loots from everywhere!!  

November 14 [Sun], 2010, 1:37
i have been buying quite a few accessories over the past weeks and slowly collecting all my babies. An outfit wouldn't be completed if you don't accessorize your coordination.A pair of earring or a nice bracelet can make a huge different and you will be surprise how it will make your outfit into something special.

here are my current purchases from online to shop. aren't they pretty?

bought the bangles at one of the major M)phosis sales and the leather bracelet of a taobao website. they are so cheap and pretty which is one of the reason why i can't resist buying accessories.

bought this sunnies from cotton on and they only cost 2 buck! sunglasses is my staple diet and i must put it in my bag just in case i'm not wearing any make up on that day.

bought this from a shop at far east, i have a soft spots for crowns items, they are so nice and punky and it really portrays my personality.

rock and roll bracelet from . as a internet shopping junkies, i will always source out for cheap and great items. This are one of them :D

Bangles from M)phosis , even though it's a little huge on my hand but i still wear it anyways, it;s too awesome to just let it collect dust . bought the crown necklace from an online seller who got it all the way from harajuku.Despite the fact that i dropped it a few times, my crown didn't break into pieces! this explains a lot on the quality of the item.

this are the mish mash of items that i got it both online and from shopping malls and my collection is still growing.

now it's your turn to tell me what are your favorite accessories?
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