★I am in Los Angeles★ 

2005年07月20日(水) 6時56分
Hello, long time no see... I am in LA now! My new school started and I bought a car. Let me tell an excuse, I've been super busy since I came here. BUT my surrounding is almost all set. So, please do not worry! ....please talk to me sometime, friends...

Gift from friend 

2005年06月06日(月) 17時52分
Today, I got a mail and gift from my friend. I am happy, so I put the picture of it here.

Elle's diary
He loves to sleep in his toy box recently.

Shopping in Nanba 

2005年05月28日(土) 22時39分
I went on a shopping to Nanba with mom & my sister today. When I went out before, I found a nice perfume, and I have really wanted it since I knew it. Finally I got it today. The name of perfume is "Secret Wish" by ANNA SUI. The bottle of it is very cute enough for me to fall in love in 1 second. And also (of course, it is the main reason though.), the scent is like tropical fruity and gentle smell, it knocked out me. So, I am very happy now!! (^-^)
Moreover, we found a great restaurant. Everything was delicious, and big quantity. Wa〜, I will come here again absolutely.

Preserved Flowers 

2005年05月22日(日) 21時06分
Have you ever heard "Preserved Flowers"?
Today, my friend showed me what she did recently.
She is trying to make artwork with preserved flowers now. Originally, it's from France, and the technique was spreaded in Europe. The great point of the preserved flowers is that we can enjoy the beauty of flowers as it's like in the raw almost 6-10 years. If you touch the surface of the preserved flower, you'll know, it's just like a natural flower, and also the feeling is moisturized, and soft.
Now, it takes long time to make preserved flowers, so, the cost is not reasonable for us, but I think this is worth to have one time. How about the preserved flowers as a gift for your important person??? It must be great!

These are preserved flowers of Rose.
You can dye the flower's color to your favorite...

This is my friend's current work.

Tennis ball...? 

2005年05月15日(日) 23時33分

No, it is a cake.
Today, my mom's friends visited our home with souvenir. It were cakes of Henri-Charpentier which is a famous cake company in Japan.
When I opened the cake box, I found a funny cake from many kind of beautiful cakes... Eh〜, it looks like a tennis ball! My father really liked tennis, so they chose the cake for him. Thanks.
But, please do not ask me about the taste of the cake...

Unique foods. 

2005年05月13日(金) 23時43分
It's my favorite, Jasmine Jelly Parfait. There are two kind of icecream which are vanilla & sesame flavors. While I'm eating, the icecream melts and covers Jasmine jelly... wow...

I encountered funny SuShi today... a grass SuShi!!


2005年05月07日(土) 23時07分
My friends came to my home yesterday. They were on a way to go on a trip to Koyasan(高野山). Koyasan is very very famous mountain because it has the head temple of Buddhism;Shingonsyu(真言宗).
I've been there when I was very little, so I just remember Koyasan was surrounded by a lot of greens, trees, and the path was a bit dark even the sky is very clear... and many semeteries...the emvironment was so unusual for me, but very calm and mysterious place.They did good choice to go over there. I hope it's gonna be a special trip for them.

In a washing machine.... 

2005年05月04日(水) 12時48分
Hi, there. Does anybody recognize what it is?
They are baby cats in a old washing machine in our backyard... My mother found them in this morning. We were very upset cuz we thought we might take care of these 5 cats. While we were in the sudden crisis, I noticed that their mommy cat was gazing at us, so we left the backyard and let them be in a quiet place. It seems like they are living in the washing machine. We afraid that the mommy cat is scared us. Please take care of them, mommy cat.

They are sleeping... But once their mommy comes back,
they start to be active & make cute noise.

Doggy vs Bunny 

2005年05月03日(火) 10時48分
Elle loves to go to the garden. He loves to chase a grasshopper, butterfly, ant, and bunny. The weather is getting warm day by day, and my mom's favorite flower;a tree peony is in full bloom in the garden. The smell is so sweet.

New TV〜!! 

2005年05月02日(月) 15時28分
A couple of days ago, my mom & I went to buy a new TV for living room. And today, the new TV came to our home! The TV is SHARP AQUOS
Oh my god, the screen is so huge and the quality is fabulous!! I wanna say sorry to the old TV left this morning cuz, cuz, I love the new one-. It drives me crazy!!
★★★I miss you-★★★
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