February 27 [Mon], 2006, 0:15


February 19 [Sun], 2006, 17:55
i started to love goin' to pub!it's reli nice!
but it's quite expensive i think=))


February 05 [Sun], 2006, 0:19
today i went for dinner wif my mama's friend,the people r nice n they r funny ,,we got lotz of laughters durin'
and tmr i'll be alone again , coz my dad will go for horse racing n my mum will go to shen zheng,anyways i won't feel lonely coz i'll go
shopping on my own tmr,,,yeah!
gotta go to skul on mon na,,i miss my new year holiday so badly,,
and i'm lookin' forward for the summer vacation.yeah!


February 04 [Sat], 2006, 2:06
it's a sobriquet which originated by me on someday around 3 years ago ,i use this name as my name in the web,n if the time is mature i would like to change my real name to kittlian instead of yuki,, this name was created by me very ramdomly n naturally,,,
there's actually no meanin' within.


February 03 [Fri], 2006, 1:39
i've changed my compu finally
i felt extremlly upset these days....this had taught me a lesson ,and i 'll never
walk the same pave anymore.
p.s*my eye is hurt


February 01 [Wed], 2006, 12:53
i dun know wt m i doin',,,it make me feel i'm evil...i can't keep
da secret anymore!
should i clear up this vague ?wt should i do then?juz shout out from my
deep heart?it's seems vulgar to do so.....may be it's not important to someone,,
but it's weighty FOR ME!may be all the thing r juz misconceive,,,on someday ,
someone should clear up it,,n every thing should be evidented...
i feel myself like a passerby to da world ,,,never recieve any weight

happy newyear 

January 29 [Sun], 2006, 18:09
今天是nunan new year
however,i stay a home alone, again....
my mama went to see lee har kan's concert....
and today is sarah's birthday....
i havn't bought present for her yet,,,coz every shop was close today
i went shoppin wif ying yesterday,ying bought a lot,,i only bought a few,,,but it
already cost me $1000 again....
i hv failed many subjects this time,,,and the results of this term is fuckin' bad,,,,,i'm afraid my mum will fainted when she recieve the report card.........


January 27 [Fri], 2006, 19:36
今天和ying and 她的同學仔唱kyeah!(tailin)my favourite!hahahahah!!
wowwww〜今日shop 做節*yeah!又有lucky draw
這幾天都和ying 一起..高興的


January 23 [Mon], 2006, 21:06
i reli wanna ,,,but i dun,,,i'm nervous---
i'm waitin',,,although i dun kno when will it happen,,,
i kno at da moment da thing i can do is
to wait,,,


January 22 [Sun], 2006, 22:57
今天my mother中了,,yeah!全shop的人everyone有$100~
我很高興的是!我今天想去打機,,but個guard stop o左我
哈哈!即是話我不像over 16 na~~yeah!我成功變young了!be4他都唔捉我的!
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