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@Masterofdamned lucky you , i couldn't get to the plane and so therefore have never completeed it but i still say this is a great game though

this is another my favourite after FF12...awesome new battle system...even i love the classic RPG,new battle system make me love more than ever :) square enix never let me down

its gonna be released ether December 30th,2012 or December 31st 2012!!!!!!!!!

Game looks amazing all together, from the graphics to the combat systems :D

@SpiceyKillerz PM the link saying that

So epic trailer, epic scenes and graphics. None of this not in the final game.


FFXV for me is one of the best game I ever played. But not for others I think. If they included every single content they planned, I think it will be a killer for every other games and can easily be the best video game of all time..

good game

Too bad you american folks never read the comics. I have them all. They're so good. !

Greatest Game Ever.


The new age FF-s are so much worse then the old ones!!!! I hope Zerg come and infest this new FF-s characters or the Dark Eldar come and torture them!!!!! LIMB BY LIMB!!!!!!!!!! FF7 all the way, also FF9 and FFX all the way!!!!!.


lots of gamers(not FF fans) will say, finally FF its now much better. But for us FF fans, the classic battle system is the best, thats what i think..


for the fifthteenth is coming zack, noctis

i hate fact that in final version noctis and others were outside the city, i wanted more gameplay in city

i think this game is great, but of course id love the classic game play of ff7 - 9 ,, but all i know is since square soft merged with enix it went down, shouldve stayed square soft.  .

finaly we can put this lightning buissiness behind us  ;)





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