2004年11月27日(土) 20時05分
I've not written this diary long times!I forgot even the URL...
Well,actually,the last exam of 2nd turm will be start from Wed.It's already in 3days!I know I have to study hard.but you know,I cant!why?Even I dont know!who knows?However,I want to get job and work at shrine as a miko.And if I get red point,I cant do it.So I really really have to study,especially,the math and japanese history.I got terrible point at them in middle exam.So if I get terrible point again,absolutly teachers give me red point.hummmmmm...x(
Well,I got a go...


2004年11月02日(火) 23時40分
From now on,I will write this diary in english to improve my english skill.Maybe sometimes my english is wrong,but please don't care about that.this diary is just for me!
today,i went to school as usual.third class was writting class and recently,I study how to debate in english in this class.We make each group with five people.however,the boy in my same group is a kind of the boy who i like...He is really cute.He is a member of baseball club and very tall and kind.dont you think that sounds nice,huh?but I'm not sure whether i like him or not.because I dont talk with him so much.i think we have had a conversation only in writting class.x( hummmm....I hope I could talk with boys more cheerfully.it's really hard to talk to boys...
anyway,it is a holiday tomorrow.I'm so glad.but I will have a test on both Sat and Sun.I think the school should set monday and tuesday holiday!
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