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February 08 [Fri], 2019, 23:45


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when this movie coming out?
All this Puerto Ricans talking shit here. Wtf is wrong with you all. Can't you give this guys a little props for making a movie about Puerto Rican. How many Ricans anyone here they know makes movies and puts a Puerto Rican stamp on it. But I bet if most of you Ricans here see a steven Spielberg movie named Jew or whitey I bet most u see not because of the name but the director credibility. Be opened minded see the movie support your Hollywood boricua actors cause they might open the doors to other boricuas everyone else supports there kind why can't we..

If Puerto ricans are mad at this movie Puerto ricans in Paris well wait until racist Hollywood release Aztec Warrior with Luis Guzman. I am telling all My Mexican and Mexican American people do not allow them to steal and mock Mexican culture. The Aztecs/Mexica were a great culture and please don't spend 1 cent to watch Aztec Warrior. Don't give Hollywood another cent to insult our Mexican culture. Do not let them capitalize on our culture when it is not even an accurate portrayal of who we are as a people..

puerto ricans in paris
Puerto+Ricans+in paris france
Super comedy makes you laugh all the time nice
Finally Luis Guzman is in a starring role!
Puerto Ricans in paris
her tits are majestic
pretty good movie.
Wasn't even a single Wepa...smh
this movie is going to tank hard. more hard than the puerto rican economy. if it was lin-manuel miranda in the lead i would go to see it. but its luis guzman who was born in ny and rosario dawson who's half dominican. what happened roselyn sanchez was too busy?.or dayanara torres..

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Bunch of whites bashing this movie lol
Why does this seem suuuuuuuuper racist to latinos?......oh wait.

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Okay. UNO. Puertoricans DO NOT necessarily have that bloody accent, seriously most of the people I know have even nicer accents than Americans. I would know, I haven't put one foot out of this island since the day I was born and my family is fully puertorican. DOS. When on earth do you see us wearing COWBOY hats!? Unless it is for a 'cabalgata' a.k.a a bunch of people getting together to ride their horses. If anything make them wear the 'pabas'. TRES. Wow... I know it is a comedy film and what not. But god I found so cringe worthy. Yay, for being puertorican..

Puerto Ricans don't wear cowboy hats, Mexicans do....SMFH!

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eeee Pitbull!!!

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puerto ricans in paris pitbull

crappiest movie of all time

When did Puerto Ricans turn into Mexicans?

Don't you get the movie it have been made for the USA people and they don't know and not care if we use Mexican hat or not is that simple..

Rosario Dawson +1 This Movie ? = shit

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at least Hollywood didn't put Ethan Hawk and Mark Walhberg as the starring cast.
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To make it feel more puerto rican instead of the cowboy hat, they should have wore du-rags or backwards hats. 😂.
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Looks funny lol
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1:43 song name ?
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