October 11 [Mon], 2010, 19:40
Giving me a betterfly always excites you and makes your day. Totally more fun than usual.
It happens everytime you fall in love with someone.
But the more you've been liking same person, the less your excitement gets.
I though it would be different in some way.
Isn't it?

Or excitement is just a short term and when you realize it, you get bored and go back to where you belong.
At the end it doesn't anything for you, really.

But what happens if I found a good interest in someone who is like super close to you?
I have known him as long as I have know you.
I also know that eveytime my babe is in trouble within or with out me, you are the one who are there to make me feel better.

But I found a hotness in you and it remains how you had been there for him and me.

What is gonna happen to me if i move to you?
well no matter how i discuss about it, i cant fi d the reason until i see you next time.
But you really are hot in that movie, in big time.

Does it happen becase i am gettig tired of worrying about you and wanna eacape? if i do this then it is the same shit i had done in the past.

Gosh i know everything. The best thing is to not think too much.
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