October 05 [Tue], 2010, 23:37
I remember now that you look like a cab lion!
your hair style and face indeed, looks like it so much :)

I was gonna quit this blog couple years ago too, but too lazy to move into new one
and also, I have my footsteps in here, when I had a great time spending my time with you.
Also I said that when I will quit this blog is the time when I say goodbye to you.
If that is the promise then not yet to quit.

I was thinking how I was strong back the time.
I had my own standards that nobody could see, and because I had it,
I gained something.
Appearently I was better than what I am.
so I dont have to ashame of whatever is on my mind, right?
more like I should be ashamed of how I try to change myself for something that may not even be worth.

It's like,
find yourself somewhere I feel comfortable= you know what that is/means
don't think too much about your loss cuz if it really distruct my way, I'd be gone by now, wouldnt I??
think about how I can make you happy because...
I want to.
and dont be afraid, dont be scared.
because people dont think much about me as much as I think they do.
meanwhile I should be doing something that worth to my current life.
Whether which is good or not, this is where I am, where I promised YOU to be.

just...at the end of all, in the future when I think about...um...
schools that I go now, my car, music bring me back to the memories,
that is enough in a way.

so here I am, spending my time with you.
I kept my primise to you and myself, at the end.
what is next? still searching but nearest one is that in 2weeks.
which I shouldnt say, yet.

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