Motherboard does not start there is alarm

June 16 [Thu], 2011, 20:16
Motherboard does not start, there is alarm

⑴ Memory alarm
More common fault alarm memory after boot chassis "Didi" so many times. Just open the case, take down the memory look like a re-inserted. Note: Be sure to plug memory unplug the power cord off the host, to prevent accidental burning memory.
Reasons caused this failure:
@ non-standard memory, the memory of a little thin. When the memory into the memory slot, leaving some gaps peed up my pc. If in the course of a vibration or dust fall, will result in bad memory, an alarm.
A IBM thinkpad t43 battery Action Replay memory technology is poor, the surface of gold-plated finger bad. In the long process of using cheat the surface oxide layer gradually thickened, and accumulated to a certain extent, it will cause bad memory, boot memory alarm.
B memory slot of poor quality, the reed contacts with the memory of the finger is not really, in the course there is always hidden, to a certain point of time will not light, turn to the police.

Treatment options:
@ carefully with a rubber finger to wipe the memory section, re-inserted into the slot.
A The hot melt adhesive on both sides of the memory slots filled the gap, to prevent oxidation during use registry repair. This method is very effective, almost all of the brand-name computers are so treatment can effectively prevent the oxidation of the memory of the finger.
B If you are using for some time, but also an alarm, then look at memory can be replaced, look at the future use of the process is also an alarm.
C After a period of time if there are memory police there, then only replace the motherboard in order to completely solve the problem.

⑵ card alarm
Alarm graphics card is usually loose or damaged card, then most of the motherboard there will be a long, two short beep. Then open the case, the card re-inserted it. If you have the alarm registry clean XP, it is likely that the bad graphics chips, only replacement or repair. For voice alarm board, should be careful to distinguish the contents of the voice prompt, and then based on the content to solve the corresponding problems.
In the repair process also encountered, no matter how you insert the graphics card is always alert, careful examination revealed the final AGP slot is a small foreign body, so that graphics can not plug in place, take out just fine.
Another case is the video card is not compatible with the motherboard, sometimes the normal light displays, but sometimes hear the "beep" is heard through the voice of self, but the display is no image displayed, the monitor power light is green. If the card inserted in the other motherboard, always use normal. For these SONY NP-FC11 Battery failures, only replace the video card.

Motherboard does not start, no alarm

Because the board does not start for many reasons, need to be familiar general digital circuit analog circuit, using the multimeter. Meanwhile, the inspection should also aid fault DEBUG card.
⑴ CPU is not powered
Multimeter test CPU can be used around the three (or a) field pipe and three (or a) rectifier diode for damage.
⑵ CPU socket is missing, or loose needles
Such failures are not easy to find, the performance or non-crash off point. Need to open the CPU socket cover the surface carefully with the eye whether deformation of the pins.
⑶ CPU fan socket fracture fixation clamp
If the fan clips broken, consider the use of other fixation methods, generally do not replace the CPU socket. Easy to leave because of hand soldering hidden faults. P4 CPU fan for its simple installation, the radiator fixed is linked with the motherboard. While SOCKET370 the CPU, the CPU heat sink by a fixed socket, if the fixed spring tight, we must be careful in the demolition, otherwise it will cause a broken plastic clip, there is no way a fixed CPU fan.
⑷ bubble or burst capacitors
When the Sony vgp-bsp13/s battery capacitor voltage is too high or too long because of the high temperature BBQ, it will bubble or drip fluid, then decrease or loss of capacitor volume, filter capacitor will lose the function of load current in the provision to increase the exchange of components , resulting in CPU, memory, and the relevant board job insecurity, manifested as easy to crash or system instability, often blue screen.
⑸ memory slot broken needles or burning
Memory in the plug, the force should be vertical, not side to side. Sometimes because of too much force or improper installation methods can cause deformation of the memory slot broken reed, so that the memory slots scrapped.
Special Note: We plug memory, be sure to unplug the main power plug, use the STR function to prevent memory live, burning memory.
Some friends, because the components are not familiar with computers, but if the hosts blew heard, as long as the memory look like a pulled plug again, then copy or imitate, do not know anyway, memory is divided, so that the memory cartridge not in place, the memory after power burned. Of course, there are foolproof design of the motherboard is generally not INSERT.
⑹ AGP slot cracking
This is generally not familiar with the AGP graphics card installation and plug method, with brute force removable card, so AGP slot cracking.
Has produced such a thing, a high school student in the dust to their computer, the CPU because the CPU heat sink with adhesive too tight, can not be removed, and finally he himself with pliers and a screwdriver, he just pry the CPU socket to the down, then took the CPU fan and heat sink down. Dust is in addition to, but the machine is not bright.

Power supply outlet has virtual access, loose

This situation is rare, may occur from time to time to restart the phenomenon. Check can be turned on each interface by hand shaking part of the power cord to see if symptoms appear.

Insurance resistor fuse on the motherboard

If the insurance on the SONY NP-FS11 Battery motherboard there will be a corresponding fuse resistance can not use peripherals such as keyboard and mouse can not find, USB mobile devices can not be used. Determine the method is also simple to use multimeter to measure the resistance profile for continuity. If the fuse resistance is indeed the insurance, you can use 0.5OHM resistance around instead.
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