July 30 [Sat], 2005, 15:12
Weeks passed, days passed, hours passed, minutes passed, seconds juz went by... Times is flying away sooo fast and i think i am still sitting on a drifting boat to no where, loosing the sense of direction "compass spoilt le''...i noe is veri cold but never Have been slacking all this time while the horrible 'o' lvl is drawing closer and closer, yet closer.again.:LOL

YTD juz isn't my day.. i was ask to babysit on of my mun friend's relative My mum was busy with her housework and call me...hao jie sao...I spend one miserable hour looking at the 'cute' baby whom hands and legs always moving and giving me the ' blur blur inncoent look' lol. Should i say cute? hiaz..looking at a innocent baby enjoying himself, i really wan to noe what he was thinking. Luckly, he nv cry...heng sia. I was thinking, having a baby is counted at a fortune or a nightmare?
*thinking* anyway...todae nothing really happen as i was juz like normal days, spending my time aimlessly. think i better start focus le...hiaz..


My day..... 

July 17 [Sun], 2005, 0:07
Went to Creative customer service at Jurong East today. My MP3 player was spoilt and i decided to get it fix. I waited there for about 1 and a half hour before it reaches my turn sia...damn sian. Adding to the pain, my MP3 player can't be repare cuz IT HAS PASS THE 1 YEAR I was stunned and angry... My player can't be mix and i can onli BUY a new 1 with a subsdise cost at ONLI 85%...sooo expensive..

Does it happen when buying other electrical products? Lets sae u bought a TV at around $1000.. and after a year it spoilt and not cover buy warrenty... Does u have to pay $850 again to buy a new 1 rather to get it fix???

Guess i have to start saving up again liao..sian. 1 mp3 player may take months to save up sia guess i have to shen chi jian yong le..actually i can trim down hahahaa

Anyway...tis my dae...have to go SLEEP le....

Getting bored this few days... 

July 16 [Sat], 2005, 23:24
Anyway is another boring term comming up..always full of test and exam. I began creating some maple pics juz for fun as i am too bored le..haiz..

Some of my creations,,,hehehe

Looks like me....always wif the sleepy look...LOL

Some cute and cool too sian le

A gurl wif a Looks cute...hahaha

Mr Act cool here...hehehe

A funky and stylish

To the readers hu are intrested in making ur own pics...can visit tis webbie and make 1 urself..It is like playing barbie dolls putting on different type of Maple stimulator ..

When u wan try on male on '' Try on Male mode'' to choose a male 1 or u wan a female 1 choose the other 1.

Den....starting mixing and matching the clothes 4 u r acc

After making the pic....u mus extact it...

Press 'prt scr' on ur keyboard once and past it in any photo editing software..( my paste is u open a blank page in the photo program and right click 'paste' )

Den try to extract the part u wan lo...and DONE!!

Enjoy.....hiaz i too bo liao le...

Life never change unless u change.

5th july 2005 

July 05 [Tue], 2005, 23:54 com is working normally again. ( system all green) my com kana spyware and block some my com functions.. even microsoft spyware removal oso canot choice reformat my com lo...luckly manage to save some of the important files.

btw,,,today is my 16th birthday,,,hahah.. NC-16 i come...lols.. i wan thank all my friends and their presents.. lol...*over the moon sun* haha...i mus enjoy myself 4 at least think i enjoy too much..) goin to slpz now..yawn

memories are meant 4 u to it sweet,bitter or sour.. this is also evidence of your exixtence

btw...i think tml is Geroge Bush birthdae...hw abt wishing him??lol bb

Matsushima Nanako 

June 20 [Mon], 2005, 12:03
For ppl who dunno hu Matsushima Nanako is, she is a famous jap actress.

I am always a great fan of hers ever since in the show GTO. She is soo chio and her realistic acting make a big difference in the show..HAHAHA...

...she acted in this show ytd at 11pm chn 8..she actred as a A&E doctor and meet many challengers like the Great Japan earthquake( Fake 1 of course). I have oso watch many of her show like GTO, the ring and beauty and the beast..haha. i intended to upload some pic but i duno Y i can't put any...haiz...

I dun mind sacificing my slpz juz to watch her show


June 20 [Mon], 2005, 11:27
Yawn..i have intended to blog ytd but i can't dig out any excess time..

Anyway....yesterday was a veri special day 4 my family and most ppl.

Yesterday was FATHERS' DAY and oso MY MUM Birthday..
HAHAHA...mus be veri zhun right? But den...we didn't really celebrate cuz both of my parents went out almost the whole day sia...But nvm,....juz wanna wish them to be happy!!

Hon Long birthday oso had juz pass...we went to watch a movie and brought him presentss for his birthday.....ARRR....nth to blog le..sian..

1) Chem TYS...( ammonia and sulphuric acid)
2) Chem Sec3 mid yr re-exam paper
3) Maths other sch exam paper
4) A Maths other sch exam paper
5) Physic exam paper
6) Geo mindmap
7) Eng Grammarbuilder
8) Eng Compre bk
9) Eng Mid-yr exam paper 1 correction
10)SS groupwork(Japan)
11)Prepare chinese oral
12)Enough slpz lo
**13) SS mind map

SIan...intended to finsh by last sat but can't. nvm...still gt a long way to go....

Troubles aHEad.... 

June 12 [Sun], 2005, 14:31
Time really flies... two weeks more and our June holiday would be GONE.. Hiaz...soo fast, but i played till siao at the past weeks of the holiday lo...Played basketball, finish watching the whole set of Gundam seed, and sleep like siao lo.. I nv toouch any of my homework in which homework is nv interesting lo. My skins are turning red after being sunburnt after playing in the HOT sun 4 hours and injured two of my fingers...

AND now.....Our holiday tortures!!!

I was shocked at the amount of homework i had to do lo....SIANNN>>>

1) Chem TYS...( ammonia and sulphuric acid)
2) Chem Sec3 mid yr re-exam paper
3) Maths other sch exam paper
4) A Maths other sch exam paper
5) Physic exam paper
6) Geo mindmap
7) Eng Grammarbuilder
8) Eng Compre bk
9) Eng Mid-yr exam paper 1 correction
10)SS groupwork(Japan)
11)Prepare chinese oral
12)Enough slpz lo

Anyway, anybody wan to read the BEST blog for yr2004 and 2005...

Here is the URl...

My bro and I still dun understand Y she is soo popular lo...anybody has any suggestion after reading it?? (is not we oso wan to be popular ok..dun get me wrong)

Went to escape theme park ytd......too much to sae le..write nxt time...

ExAmS reSulT..... 

May 19 [Thu], 2005, 18:29
HO...blogging again.. actually, i planned to update my blog ytd...but i accidently close e window and all gone. does'nt matter anyway... the best word to describe my marks... .. I have already expected this kind of results because i onli study before the test itself.. failed my ss...chi..eng...amths paper 2....luckly nothing more or i would become a barbecued dead meat . Let this be a lesson 4 me ba...wads over is over. A person is not able to change the past rite but.....future is still within our control. I tried not to be sad and move on...4 a more important thing...'O' lvl CHINESE...i will score....

regrets..........reasons...........give up.........can onli make a person weaker...

add some pic to blog....onli words is damn sian..btw dun ask me where i get from cos i 4gt le

Raining dae.... 

April 16 [Sat], 2005, 19:16 has been raining very much this few days.. I heard that lots of people are getting ( or have already) sick like me and is damn sian. 'Fluids' kept on flowing out of my nose and is very irritating and wasted 2 pack of tissue in total from ming cheng and guan ming..paisei hor. Is flu contagious? Maybe bah...wei qing came asking for medical bills for 'contaminating' him..haha. To those people who are suffering from flu, paisei hor. U might have gotten sick because of the germs from me..

Went to jurong point today and meet a problem. A squad of students were station in the bus interchange. Guess what are they doing? Todae is sat is......they are selling flags for their cip. Sian...too lazy to take out some coins, i studied the surrounding.. and navigate towards my destination. Luckly, i was alone so it is easier to make decision. I detour, ke bluckan pusing ( means turning 180 deg in direction) to evade this ppl. U mus be thinking i was veri cold hearted right....haha. I was juz uninterested to be stop by them. Sometimes, u think u donate once won't be 'met up', this maybe be wrong. I have seen many people donating many it at their own will or forced??? At least they are not soo selfish like me.. YyY?....jurong point is always soo crowded. hiaz...went to buy my earphone which cost me $18.90..I hope it would last long. Compared to the cost my bro wanted me to invest in a 200GB external harddisk which i think i have to 'give' $100+++, this is much lower. Man, i am really broke.. I wonder what he wanna put inside...anime?songs?programs? at bit too ex liao.

sport dae 

April 16 [Sat], 2005, 17:20

Enough of my rubbish...tell u sth which happen during the sports dae..

The article below may be explicit or make readers uneasy or at ur own risk...

The storey.....

U are still reading ar...mean u haf taken the risk..anything happens dun blame me..

Thursday was our school 'sports dae' But to me i was chatting all the way wif all my 'white house' fren..haha...i was damn freaking hot as all of us were sitting the lower most bench

Den...sth happen.....

We heard a strange whistling sound from the top....and look back.. Guess wad we see????? A boy was blowing into a condom..i swear i didn't lie...BWG...his friends were freaking happy...arr WAT ON EARTH IS HE DOIN?? since when singapore became soo open har... WA LAU pour water in to it somemore....!!!!!!!!!! arr..too explict and dun feel like continuing...wanna noe more can pm me..lolx

End now...haha...stay happy always waste too much of ur time..


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