Duncan's House 3rd day 

2004年08月07日(土) 5時47分
I worked from 9 to . The work was same as yesterday. Imaking cement, cement, cement ,cement..... I finally beame an expert at maiking cement. you should call me ' King of cement' hehe. Jeason, my cowoker and teacher, said it's perfect!

after work, Duncan and I went to dwntown to eat Ramen. that;s sucks! Ramen in Canada is fuckin shit sucks! I wanted to throw up Ramen in front of the restaurant.
We went to Karaoke. Duncan is surely strange man! He sung a 'Yosaku' so passionately.I took idiot's pic .! i'm gonna uploard this pic!

Duncan's House 2nd day 

2004年08月05日(木) 5時38分
I worked to making the garden. Duncan's mon introduced me work place. I finally became an illigal worker. Just kidding. hehe. It was tough work. I was making sement and moving rocks and cutting the rock......
Yes, I enjoyed alot. This kinda work reminded me of my carpenter days. After work, I drank a beer! you know, this beer is best!!

Unfotunately, blu woker work is suited for me. You can imagine I 'm waering working clothes. It looks much better than a suit.

OK! I decid to be carpenter again after I graduate from Uni!

Duncan's House 1st day 

2004年08月04日(水) 5時11分
Hey Hey! Guys! you can never imagine how the hell is nice Duncan's house. The house surrounded from beautiful garden which is mixed btw Western and Oriental style. and they have bigbig hottab!!! If you now Duncan, you should come by his house, that's awesome! I guess his house can be one of tourist spot like Bucchatt garden, Empress hotel IN Victoria. hehe. I wanna carry article of his house in 『地球の歩き方』which is most popular tourist book in Japan. All Japanese travellers have this book, lol

Duncan's family is sooooo kind! Above all, his mon is so sweats! Duncan is going work everyday during the day. so, she is taking care of me . Thanks a lot, mon!

Duncan and I got upat 5:30 AM . What a fuckin ealy is cuz of his work. We ate breakfast and drunk Japanise tea. Such a nice morning.

IN the afternnon, MOn took me around with Alex, Duncan's sister. We went to Chinatown to have lunch. and then, went whopping. it was alot of fun! Mon really really enjoys his life. so nice! i was moved .

In the night, Duncan and I fiannly wached movie' Love, Actually'. Acutally, i don't like this kinda love story movie. so, i didn't expect anything. Even I knew many friends said LOve actually is awesome. BUT, I was sooooooooo touched !!! oh-god! i have never watched such a good movie!!haha, I like this scene that little boy go to airport to say ' goodbye' to his sweetheart. He could finally meet her through shit security. and she kissed him ! Romantic,eh!? I love this movie! lol
Have you ever seen "love, actually" before?
No!? oh-my goodness, you missed tha chance to know what love is!
hey! hurry up to go to video shop!


2004年08月03日(火) 15時08分
Guess what!? I'm in Vic now and will stay here for 1 week !!!!! yey! I am really greateful to Duncan and his family!!! Thank you for you guy's hospitality!

BTW, Duncan and I went to a Buddhist temple today. it was soo huge! When I was in the temple I coundn't imagine where the fuck I was. Were the hell am I? That is muliculturalism for you. I' gonna upload this pic soon after backing to trip.

Awesome!Capilano bridge! 

2004年08月03日(火) 4時58分
I finaly went to Capilano suspension bridge!!! Many friends who have been to there said Capilano sucks , it's not worth to going there bla bla.... so, i didn't have good expectations for Capilano. BUT, I was soooo excited when I was on the suspension bridge! It was scary but lots of fun!!!!!! I went there with Okada family. Moe-chan, Yui's younger sister, was also excited!!! Moe and I Jump! Jamp! in the middle of the bridge!! The bridge was swinging swinging!!!! It was soo funny!!! I like Capilano!! If you guys come to Vancouver, you SHOULD go to Capilano!!! Caplano is Awesome! Nature is the best in Canada. This is how we live our lives everyday. Enjoy your life


2004年08月01日(日) 18時30分
Today is a big exhibition of fireworks in Vancouver. It is a competition of fireworks between conutries. Today's fireworks come from Sweden. I went to English
bay where it is the best place to see it with Yui's family and Yuka.
It was awesome!!!!

Fireworks remainded me of my last summer. Beppu firework festival was also awesome. That day is my memorial day of my Beppu life. R3 family ,lived in AP house R3, Duncan, Daiki, Youngmin, Makiko, Shin-chan,Nana,Beelin, Hisa, Misato and many friends went to Saganoseki where it is suuuuuuuuch a beutiful beautiful ocean!! After we came back to Beppu, we went to see Beppu fireworks. We were supposed to see it together but we got lost from each other. it doesn't matter. I saw it with Youngmin, Shin-chan,Hisa and Makiko. It was precious time for us cuz we knew that we would separete from each other after summer.Duncan and I came to Canada, Youngmin and Daiki were suppose to go to Korea. I didn't know why only I and Makiko went home. Many friends asked us 'do you guys go out with each other?' and I ansewerd YES,YES but was just kidding. Makiko went mad!!! and she beated me!! it was good memory for me! We joined with shin-chan,Youngmin and Hisa at Kamegawa Joyful. you guys know, I drunk a lot! oh-what a beautiful memory. I'm feeling little bit sentimental now. Are they fine now? they must be fine,eh!?
I always hope that you guys surround with lots of love and smiles☆

Perfect Friday 

2004年07月31日(土) 9時57分
Today is a perfect Friday.

In the morning I did a bunch of crap like doing my
stinky laundry, cleaning my room and other stuff that I always hate doing. After all that shit was done, I went to the forestry building to study with my girlfriend Yui. She has an exam tommarow, good luck babe!!

In the afternoon me and Jason went skateboarding, and now were are
enjoying a couple of beers and
listening to Dragon Ash. Once we get our energy back we are gona go
to the pool and have even more
Sounds like the perfect friday eh?


2004年07月30日(金) 21時19分
Joe went back home country, Korea.
I met him in same Poli Sci class. I'm really glad to meet him. Let me explain to you guys about Joe.

He was exchange student from Korean University (高麗大学:one of my fuckin bro,Kin Daiki went to there). Korean Uni is one of smartest Uni in Korea. It's like Tokyo Unniversity in Japan. He's gonna be person who makes Korean future!

Look at photo. left is Joe, center is Dong , right is Jeff.

He is fuckin cool guy!!! I was always surprized by his multi-talents. He have very wide knowledge all kinda stuff. And his talks were always full of witt.

He gave me many kind of stuff. Above all, we talked about lots of things like trips,movies, books, future, love affair, Japan, korea or something like that...

He will go to army. Probably, He's gonna graduate form his university in two years. what a nice! I'm gonna graduate around same.

See you around the world someday! definitelly!

Lack of Imagination 

2004年07月27日(火) 22時22分
The US commision investigating the 11 September attacks presented the results of reserch.They spoke of a failure of policy, management, capability and, above all, imagination.

I agree to this point. Although theUS goverment got the information before 9/11 attacks, leaders did not understand the gravity of the threat correctly.

The report accuses the organizations and systems of that time, like FBI and CIA ..
These intellgence agencies did not communicate with one another and US leaders effectively.

The report says that the US is a sefer place since the attakes, after action towards terro by the Bush administration.However, it warns against complacency and makes detailed recommendations.

1.To create a national counter-terrro center
2.To unify the intelligence community

It amounts to strengthen the intelligence community and share the information. Mr Bush and Mr Kerry, presidential candiate, said they agreed with its recommendations.

The US can learn a great lessons form the report. However, the US do not imagine peace world. The commision recomendations argue how to nip the terro in the state.They do not say anything about why terro is happened.

I can conclude that the US need to imagine peace world. It seems that lack of the imagination is relate to a chain of events in Afghanistan and Iraq. I concern that such a lack of imagination's country is leading contemporary world.

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