Focus on the final NFC

July 06 [Fri], 2012, 11:55
Focus on the final NFC
Tampa Bay and Philadelphia will compete in the first semifinal of the Super Bowl Sunday at 15h. (New York time). Involved, a first trip to the Super Bowl for the Bucs and a second for the Eagles.
The last 2 years were won easily "Silver & Green" home. But this season, Gruden took the franchise in Florida in hand and expects to sell its skin Peyton Manning Jersey dearly.
Once again, the question is: Will the offensive line will push the defensive Philadelphia Tampa Bay? The latest clashes show that this was not enough to clinch the victory.
The task will be difficult for the Bucs, who, besides being on the road, will overtake the Eagles defense. The wide receiversWide Receiver (WR)
those recipients are excluded. They specialize in receptions passes very long. They are extremely fast: 40 yards in 5 seconds. are not among the fastest in the league while the Eagles cornerbacks are among the best. The offensive line is not the strong point of the Buccaneers as the Eagles dominated the regular season at sacksSack
term used when the QB gets sacked. with 56. The solution may come from the Bucs defense side. They may well benefit from a possible lack of rigor on the part of their opponent, Wes Welker Jersey the Authentic NFL Jersey Shop same Authentic NFL Jerseys as that facing the Falcons, and why not, enter one or the other touchdownTouchdown (TD)
is the test that is 6 points and which can be converted to 1 or 2 choice points. Just as the ball enters the endzone. (No need to flatten) defensive decisive.
This condition, however, seems a bit restrictive and the advantage is Pennsylvanian. The temperature will also Mike Iupati Jersey play a key role. Veteran's Stadium is a stadium outside and knowing the weather conditions that may exist in the northern USA, the Bucs will feel certainly far from warm and humid climate of Florida. Hoping for the beauty of the game and fairness of the sport, a Siberian cold is not going down on Pennsylvania.

Knowing of course that a match is never preordained, the "logic" might lead us to contrast the Super Bowl XV victory that saw the Raiders at the expense of the Eagles. Good games!