found a site proposed 

2008年10月05日(日) 23時21分
After one and half years, we found a site proposed in the suburbs of Aichi.
we investigate this site from various points of view.
Finally, we contacted the right of buy this site temporally.
The terms of validity is last for ten days. so we will keep investigating our home plan.

the big star leaves! 

2008年10月01日(水) 23時20分
The big star, Kazuhiro Kiyohara, leaves!!!
Ichiro Suzuki, one of the best friends, presented the last game, today.
He also retired following Mr. Kuwata. People were used to call them KK-combi..
KK-combi was also big-name-player following ON-combi, so to speak, homerun-king Oh and Mr professional baseball Nagashima.
I felt that one age ended.
I expect the new hero will come.

ring returned ! 

2008年09月28日(日) 23時22分
About 2 weeks ago, I forgot wedding ring in my parental home.
Meanwhile, I felt that something wrong with my ring finger.
Hereafter, I have to pay attention to my ring.

new prime minister 

2008年09月24日(水) 23時45分
Especially, there is not private incident, put up a today's current event.
Mr. Aso is elected a prime-minister of Japan today. For Japanese, it has a influence for Japanese economic. I don't expect Japanese politics., but Mr. Aso is different from former prime-ministers in that he has an atmosphere that happens a big changes and he is a little bit comic fanatic.

There is politics in my company, too.
it is very difficult ability to learn. But for most company in Japan, It says politics is the most important thing to work. Especially, Japanese people tend to value the person association for a long time.

the first place 

2008年09月21日(日) 23時44分
The giants finally caught the Tigers !!!
In July, the gap between Tigers and Giants was 13 games. Usually, it is difficult to catch up with the Tigers.
The giants won 10-consecutive-victory and finally became the first place as same as Tigers today.
But, there is uneasiness even if the Giants wins the championship.
I think the strong of this team is strong offensive power. But it is said that offensive power is unstable and defensive power is stable, so defensive power is advantage for a decisive battle to be fought within a short period.

Anyway, recently professional baseball game became so exciting, so I am looking forward to see it.

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