Curious about other people's Secret

January 05 [Sat], 2013, 10:48
The 802nd chapter loss......With a look, Berius queen quietly watched Robben, Robben did not contradict himself, he smiled even more.Robben came around to, Berius Queen walked at a brisk pace around Robben circle, said: "how Canada Goose Men's Vest?Does the doctor what do you want to revive the soul?Are you practicing spirit magic because of this?"Stop in front of Robben, Queen of Berius eyes to a look at Robben.Curious about other people's Secret Woman's day seems to be x ì ng, Robben was in Berius queen face see the excitement of s è."The queen of adults, I did not want to resurrect what soul, just ask."Robben light answer.Oh.Berius apparently did not believe, continued: "as the only specialized spirit magic devil, there are numerous powerful presence have come to me, for of is the resurrection of certain they considered important by people, the question I often asked, doctor, you just ask you can ask this with asked above, you are very powerful."Robben was silent, not going to this woman and persuading.Robben does not speak, Berius shrugging shoulders, face boring said: "to ask for things, run good reasons Canada Goose Womens Dawson Sale, secretive, it how can I tell the truth?"Robben heard this from the smile said: "the queen of adults, I think this sentence seems to say that you."Queen Berius by slightly angry: "but now we stand to change doctors is an idiot knows you won't it is without rhyme or reason. The went here to ask this question," if you don't tell me the truth, then I refused to answer, oh......Presumably this world, in addition to the black emperor adults, no more than me to answer this question."Look at the woman in front of a pair of his s è's automatic speaking, Robben reluctantly shook his head: "well, I'm not Queen Adult, it is without rhyme or reason. To ask this question, I have a good friend, he has a very important people due to the accidental loss of body, today I suddenly realized, so......""Your friends?"Queen Berius's eyebrows a pick, words of interest seems to be greatly reduced, "your friends and no matter what I do right?If the doctor you, look at you treating me for one, maybe I will patiently for you to answer, but it is not your thing, why should I answer Canada Goose Lodge Vest?"Robben reluctantly had to bow, slightly later said: "the queen of adults, I am here to ask you, also hope you generous with your criticism.""Ha ha ha......Ha-ha.Queen Berius mask mouth smiled, "doctor, you frankly said I not good, a man, so shy."Robben was not, is not to ask a question?Watch your pride......Coughed, Berius queen face God s è serious, but is still a binocular eye, keep smile in the face of D à ng adds: "doctor, ask for help......But a price to pay."Robben to direct a eye-rolling: "the queen of adults, I treat you to now, have not invited you pay it, now I just ask a question only, such as you......"Queen Berius is very calm shaking a finger: "the wrong doctor, this is you of wrong, treat for me, is you say do not have any requirements, but now we stand conversion, you are in for me, and I was to receive compensation, this is very reasonable.""Well, what do you want?"Queen Berius face L ù Ji out of a n succeed smile: "ah......The doctor recent treatment made me be dead beat, sore, you come to me to rub shoulders, if it is good, I will tell you,?"The H ú n egg woman is to make yourself a Robben thought, a root itch."The queen of adults, your body will immediately change......"Robben when he said, Berius queen has been sitting in my chair up that big, directly indicating his shoulder: "doctor, you excuse you appear too sincere or not."The H ú n egg woman......Walk, Robben rolled up his sleeves: "Queen of adults, I don't be familiar with this technique, you might want to hard.""Ha never mind, if you listened to me." Berius queen undisguised spoke their own purpose.In fact it is so, now Berius queen the whole body was Robben's paralysis magic cover, almost no feeling, where what soreness, as to Luo Bennie's how, it is simply impossible to know.Two people all know, then a heart snigger enjoy service, another is forced to pinch......Forced to pinch......
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