Black Strawberry 

August 27 [Mon], 2007, 20:42
I played a new version of Little Fighter 2! Its called Reinforced Little Fighter 2. I dont understand why there's a 2...there's no Little Fighter, Little Fighter 2 is the first version...weird.

A few days ago I went downtown and got a black strawberry necklace with gold chainings...I bought it because its exactly the same as Nana Kitade's [look at picture]. But thats not the only reason, I bought it because it looks pretty and cool. There's also an silver one but it looks weird xD I got it from Claire's...maybe that's where she got it from haha.

I have this magazine.

Anyways, today I didnt do anything...I still didnt get a chance to go to chinatown to go to a J-music store. I also need 50 euros to pay for my magazine subscription of Cawaii!.

All of my family went out to go see flowers or some sort. I stayed inside just to go online and play with the bunny. I dont wanna go out just to see flowers >___> I know tey're pretty and all but...its boring xD

Now...I must go play R-LF2 again ^_^My character is actual bat! He can change into human form as well! But the bat form is cuter hehe...can drink alcohol and milk from a bottle! ^x^

SM Global Audition 

August 26 [Sun], 2007, 1:52
Am very tired... ( ̄▽ ̄)=3...I didnt get much sleep because I stayed up all night playing Little Fighter should play it too!

SM Entertainment is now holding auditions in North America. Im glad that Toronto is the very last, that will give me time to practice. I'm auditioning for acting and modelling...will be fun,ne~! My favourite SM actress is Lee Yeon Hee...she's so cute~! A very good actress and modelling as well...I wanted to try out singing as well but my voice is not good enough...maybe sometime in the future.

A friend of mine from my high school told me months ago... "If there is any auditioning for acting I dont think you can make it because you have to be really good, getting a 100% in drama doesnt mean your good, you must have a large audience to show that you are good"

To me that's not true, and Im not taking in those words...I know that Im good...she hasnt seen me act yet....even if Im not good I would just try and fail than rather not trying. I went downtown of Amsterdam...a lot of gays and punk (゜д゜;)

I saw a little boy wearing a Sexpot Revenge necklace (ノ゚ο゚)ノ wow~...I France when I was looking around the J-music store I saw a rack with Sexpot Revenge clothes...they're kinda cheap...about 25-40 Euros...Its on a sale! I wanted to buy one but I couldnt because my mother wouldnt want me to spend too much money on 1 outfit xD

I played with my uncle's bunny again...all the time...his name is Snoofy! A lovely rabbit...I want a bunny now (=⌒▽⌒=)

Ja...I'll be playing LF2 again! Haha~....I have no life xD

AnCafe single 

August 25 [Sat], 2007, 4:01
Today I came back from France early this morning. I wanted to go back to visit this J-music store, very cheap >.<

My aunt might drive me to Chinatown to a J-music store, she told me they also have the latest Japanese releases so maybe I might get AnCafe's latest new single.

AnCafe's new single did pretty well in the oricon charts...the most highest of all of their other singles, maybe its the anime opening theme that helps them boost their sellings. Miss Bou very much ;__;

Anyways, now I must go play Little Fighter 2!


August 21 [Tue], 2007, 7:58
Konbanwa minna-san! genki? genki dayo!

Ah~...for now I must type in English. I am currently in Amsterdam, so in my cousin's computer he doesnt have a software where I can type in Japanese. I could type in Romanji but I wouldnt know the right spelling and meaning for the right words. Today is tiring...I sweated a lot today... 歩くだけで汗がはんぱないっす! [I finally at least wrote a few ^_^]. I've been getting cramps lately (T▽T;).

I am very tired right now for it is 1:05am in Amsterdam, yet I am still up. this morning me and my whole family will be going to France. Will be fun ne...

Have a goodnight/morning sleep! Haha! (≡^∇^≡)
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