April 22 [Sat], 2006, 18:02
Woman cited for flinging lettuce out car window

A woman fined $173.50 for throwing salad greens out of her car says, lettuce not be too quick to judge her.

Dawn Higgins, 47, was cited Oct. 18 while parked outside a Wal-Mart in Lower Nazareth Township in eastern Pennsylvania.

"Lettuce comes from the ground, therefore it can go back into the ground," she said. "It's biodegradable. I didn't think I was doing anything wrong."

Higgins said she took her daughters and a friend to the store, and they stopped at a McDonald's along the way. She said she pulled into a parking space to finish her meal but decided not to eat the half-dozen or so leaves atop her salad.










March 25 [Sat], 2006, 22:25

Everybody is Ina Bauer now, too.

It is whispered that it is candidate vogue word grand prix of 2006 early.
You do not need to already explain it, but are famous for a pose I am big, and to bend the upper part of the body by the pride skill of Shizuka Arakawa player of the figure skating that won a gold medal by the Turin Olympics with Ina Bauer.

~ omission ~

I "may become lumbago / a slipped disk with Ina Bauer"(I am made, and it is director House of moxibusion treatment "comfort residence temple" Shuichi Oshima)

 According to him whom I am made in Tokyo / Setagaya, and run the House of moxibusion treatment, it can be easy to defeat an in the first place human body forward and is easy to come to cause lumbago by doing the movement that I do not usually do forcibly.
There seems to be a risk of the worst hernia, too.
The important thing is it seems to be a problem of degree, but is in danger when an underexercised person challenges it by model-learning.









February 22 [Wed], 2006, 0:30
The dog which does bipedalism

It is assumed that there is a dog of two legs in Shangdong Jinan in China and seems to become a topic.

A dog does not have a double-breasted foot by nature.

However, I walk with two hind legs skillfully and say that I support a body and eat bait well.

A figure resembles a kangaroo.
There are else three brothers to a dog, but include mother, and it seems to be only this dog that is two legs.

There is face of U.S. Oklahoma for an example of a bipedalism dog.

After all the face was born with the forefoot which became deformity for a birth defect, but I do it in the sixth month in after birth when I let you learn that an owner uses skateboarding and walks and say that I began bipedalism at last.

In addition, it is said that the face received appearance requests from a pace of the admirability to movie Harry Potter(Perhaps it did not come true, but I go over to the U.K., and it is really said the figure to have been photographed a number cut)










33年間、眠らない男 ベトナム 

February 21 [Tue], 2006, 20:31
Man Vietnam which is not idle for 33 years

In Vietnam, there seem to be for 33 years and the man who do not do getting a sleep either.
Mr. タイ・ ンゴク running a ranch in State of クアン・ナム (64) says that I was not able to take sleep at all since I suffered from a cold in 1973.

It is usually often that insomnia is accompanied with some healthy obstacles.
However, it is health itself at all when Thai he does getting a sleep.
I do not "understand it well whether form of this insomnia has any influence on one's body".
But myself am still healthy and can handle work of a farm in the same way as other people, too. "

33年間、眠らない男 ベトナム





February 20 [Mon], 2006, 14:07
I am the best among standup comedian Japan! R -1 that I caught in a Hakata sinter-maru "attack chance"

The finals of "R -1 the grand prix 2,006" to select standup comedian Japan 1 as were performed recently in Tokyo media city of Tokyo / Setagaya-ku, and laughter combination from Fukuoka, Hakata sinter circle (35) of Hakata sinter circle / the great good luck won the championship at first appearance.

It is the first time that an entertainer of an active combination wins the championship at the meeting.

I "did all of Hakata, Hana-maru who got a heart of a judge by an emcee of "panel quiz attack 25" (Asahi Broadcasting), mimicry of Kiyoshi Kodama (72) doubles" it! ! I showed "and an expression of emotion.

 "Attack, chance!" ! "-. I went to Tokyo, and the sinter-maru which did not reach 1 got "a chance" wonderfully.



「パネルクイズ アタック25」(朝日放送)の司会者、児玉清(72)のモノマネで審査員の心をつかんだ華丸は、「博多のみんな、やったばい!!」と感激の表情を見せた。