Boxing Day Shopping 

2005年12月30日(金) 13時35分
Boxing Day was crazy. I wanted to go shopping and get some comics when they are cheap. George was going to come but then he was busy, but Anna still came with me~~~ It was really busy. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I guess we didn't go into any clothes stores though. They where the busiest. I'm happy that I could get many books. I'm so happy I could finally get Ceres vol. 13. I'm so excited for the next book to be released. It's the last one of the series so I will be sad once it is over. I was so excited to go to the T & T Market with Anna. She wanted to get some food their because they sell Chinese/ Japanese food. I bought so much candy. ha ha. I love Japanese candy~~~ We went over to the meat part of the was gross because the person pulled out a lobster and started hammering it. Scary~~~ Since it was so busy at West Ed. "China Town" was really full of just asian people. I don't have anything against them. It just felt weird being around everyone that looks different and speaks different. I felt so alone. ha ha. I guess if I go to Japan it will be like that, so I better get used to it. It was very interesting. he he. We also both bought bubble tea to share. It was strawberry green tea. It was really good. The store was super busy, but I really liked the taste.

Christmas 2005 

2005年12月30日(金) 13時23分
I love Christmas~~~~~~~~ It is a great holiday. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I found it hard to get into the mood this year. Maybe it's the lack of snow. (It's past Christmas and NO snow. N.O. snow)...or it could be the never ending list of things on my mind. ha ha. Either way, Christmas was still great, snow or NO~~~ snow. I hope everyone had a great turkey dinner and family gathering. I hope everyone liked the gift's I got for them. I tryed to get something nice. I'm happy that I got a web cam and "LOST" season 1 on Dvd. Santa's great. tee hee. I like my gift's from my friends too. Thanx guys~~~

Christmas Dance 2005 

2005年12月30日(金) 13時16分
This year's Christmas dance was fun...It didn't seem as fun as the other dances though. I guess I just had a lot on my mind and I wish more people showed up. It was still fun though. I love dances. I can't wait till the next dance. I think it is the Valentines dance. Maybe I'll have a date Ha ha...maybe not. Maybe Anna will want to be my date he he. jk. I will go single and still have a blast. I hope it will be better than this Christmas dance. I can't wait.

Christmas Concert 

2005年12月30日(金) 13時09分
Our school had a Christmas concert. Anna, Amanda, Heather + the rest of their choral group sang christmas songs. Kirk and Caitlin played in the band with Amanda too. It was really pretty music. I really liked the choral group. They all sounded so beautiful with their awesome voices. They fit together so nice. The music was fantastic. Good job everyone. It was great.

Anna's 18th Birthday! 

2005年12月30日(金) 12時59分
Whee~~~ Anna's 18! Her birthday party was great. We went bowling and sung kareoke. It was awesome. We had a sleepover too. I'm happy I wasn't sick this time. I hope Anna had fun. I tryed to take lot's of picture's again. he he. I don't want to forget a moment. I love you ANNA BANANA I hope you will have a blast being 18~~~~~


2005年10月16日(日) 1時52分
It's gettin colder out lately. It might snow soon. I hope's to cold~~~ I can't wait to go snowboarding though. That will be good fun. I want to try and see if everyone of my friends want to go. I can't wait I'm not looking forward to shoveling the snow and the freezing cold weather. The snow storms. I want it to be warm. It's better.


2005年10月16日(日) 1時47分
Halloween is coming up soon. I get to dress in my yukata. He he. I love my yukata. I think Anna should dress like a princess. It would be so cute. She cold wear the dresses she brought back from Japan. There so pretty. Halloween is scary though. The story's behind where the occasion came from. It was from burning witches and stuff. I don't think it's really good to celebrate that thing, but I just like dressing up. I think all Saints day is better. It's a nicer version of Halloween.


2005年10月16日(日) 1時43分
I want to get a job soon. So I will probably be really busy. I'm hoping to work at a bakery , but I don't really know if one will hire me. I want to go drop off my resumes soon. I hope I get a job. I hope it won't be to hard to do that, school, and have time to relax. Expecially with all the Biology homework I get... I would really like to work at a bakery, but I don't know if I will. It would be fun though, I think.

Lord of the Rings 

2005年10月16日(日) 1時42分
I'm going to be having a LOTRs trilogy party sometime. I want to at least. Except the movies are so long~~~ I will have to find a day so everyone can come...weekends have been busy though.

Long Time... 

2005年10月16日(日) 1時24分
Wow It's been a long time since I've wrote anything new. I don't really know what to write so I'll just say anything. Life isn't really that great right now.'s good, but nothing out of the ordinary is happening or there are no birthdays. It's just plain. It's fun to hang out with friends and do something, but half the time we don't know what to do. It looks cute.
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