The last day... 

2007年09月18日(火) 20時38分
We went to Kyoto where was historical city.But we've already visited there so
We just ate something
and my friend has gone
After that I'm on diet

The second day at Oska!! 

2007年09月13日(木) 22時35分
I like an aquariumI wanted to take my friend to there
KAIYUKAN Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world.It's my favorite

We ate a lots

Eavrything is special food that is typical west of Japan food
Everything is soooooooooooooooooo much delicious

And we went up TUTENKAKU{tsutenkaku2

This is symbol of Osaka.

Of course we ate dinner tooas OKONOMIYAKI

Friend was coming!! First day at Nara. 

2007年09月13日(木) 21時05分
My friend was coming from Tokyo where was east of Japan. I worked together in London as travel too.I live in west of Japan so she visit to there
I saw her after an interval of 6 months
At first we ate lunch where I found a nice restaurantThis ice was TOFU flavor
And then we went to Hozan-ji temple,and we prayed for our success

We went to Horyu Temple that was oldest wooden in the world.

This temple was already close actually,but a guard was kind.
He gave us permission to work inside

Finally We took a special bath

sorry no English
This spa is near to my house

The Alan Suithy Band 

2007年08月18日(土) 15時50分
I went to a friends's concertI met them after a long separation

There music is very nice and their style is similer to country music
Please check their website out

Scratching !! 

2007年08月18日(土) 14時10分

Oh dear....
It was my faultI thought I needed to go to a garage, but my sister gave me an advice that I could mado repairs on one's own car.

I tried it
At first I needed something...

I spent 1500yen as around £7.


2007年08月18日(土) 11時32分
I went to a festival in Nara. It was marvelous!!
You should take a look at this website there are beautiful pictures and it's in English as well

I like taking a bath!! 

2007年08月18日(土) 11時18分
I enjoyed soaking my self in a mild bath!!
Look at this tub like bed. I could fall asleep....It is made of wood andhas a fragrance of wood

About Dubai !! 

2007年07月19日(木) 22時28分

You know, Dubai is 40 degrees so I needed to take a taxi but I didn't want to take a taxis because I have heard about bad taxi driver in every country including Japan too. So my hotel brought me everywhere.

A lot people asked me often if I was from Philippine. This is my problem...I was waiting a to pick me up from my hotel,When I was mistaken for a prostitute...It was not first time. But this time was the worst time in my life, a stranger touched my hip

However It was marvellous,Dubai has lovely and beautiful beach

I needed to take a plane at 2:30am
During my flight, I was in a deep sleep.

Anyway I got back to my home town without any problems for 1 year and 2 months

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