Business Preview Program 

December 17 [Sun], 2006, 13:26
My business course had already been finished. I worked on the course for two consecutive years. It was benefit for me to get information about businesses. My majors were global marketing and financial statements. Personally, I prefer marketing to financial statements, but understanding finance is essential for me.
Now, I'm a junior, and I'm doing job hunting. I hope I would get a job with securities firm. Besides, I'm also an investor. So, I must acquire financial knowledge. But financial statements were very complicated. Especially, cash flow statement was the most difficult. A cash flow statement provides information about cash inflows and outflows by operating, investing, financing activities during an accounting period. I could understand the concept of cash flow. But I don't have experience to learn bookkeeping in Japanese. Therefore, I had a difficult time understanding it.
On the other hand, global marketing was very interesting. My favorite company is TOYOTA! I looked into TOYOTA's information from website and books. Then, I gave a presentation about TOYOTA on final class-day. I was very nervous because it was a first time to give the presentation by using powerpoint. I did not present it so well, but it was a good memory for me.
Finally, I would like to thank two professors for giving me useful classes.Thank you so much!

Goldman Sachs 

November 12 [Sun], 2006, 17:44
Two days ago, I received an e-mail from Goldman Sachs. My resume wsa passed!
I couldn't believe that it was true or not because Goldman Sachs is one of the most successful investment banks in the world. My major is just English, not accounting and economics. Certainly, I'm taking business preview programs at my university, and I'm learning financial statements and global marketing. But there are many great candidates in Japan. Probably, I can not pass the second-stage selection, even if I do my best for it. But my pleasure that I passed my resume was beyond description. Besides, I can take participate in one-day internship with Mitsubishi trading company. So, I have a lot of to do things. The most important thing is to discuss curret securities, bonds and stocks or global problems with others. I'm looking forward to seeing people who have strong passion and specific vision.


July 18 [Tue], 2006, 15:35
Today, I confirmed my TOEIC score of June 25 through the website. I could get the highest score, 815. I couldn't believe my eyes when I glimpsed that score. I'm really happy because I have an advantage of job hunting. Of course, I must acquire general common sense and special knowledge. In rapid globalization, speaking English is a must,too. In fact, I'm not good at speaking in English. So, I want to practice presentation skills and negotiation skills in the U.S.. In the future, I want to be an entrepreneur. In dreams begin the responsibilities!
I'm looking forward to receiving official score certificate.


July 05 [Wed], 2006, 21:36
This is my favorite book. If you are interested in economics, stock market, or financial investments, I recommend you the textbook. It is very useful for university students and high school students to understand what business is. Last year, I took a business course at my university. I learned what business is. A business is any activities that seeks profit by providing goods and services to others. After I took the course, I was really interested in an MBA degree. Hidetoshi Nakata, a professional soccer player, has a plan to get an MBA degree at Harvard business school. I think he can get it at the school because he is a multilingual and very clever. He has various talent not only soccer, but also business and fashion. This year, I'm supposed to take 4 business courses again. These classes are very hard, but beneficial programs. My TOEIC score is 700 over, but this is too low for getting an MBA degree. So, I must study hard. During summer vacation, I'm going to go to UCSD for short- term study abroad. I can learn a business English course there, so I'll do my best.


July 03 [Mon], 2006, 22:09
In my class, we are discussing Shudan-ishiki with my classmates. Foreigners don't emphasize this system. But, in Japan, this is very important thing because teacher or senior can organize some people or groups by using the system. In fact, I don't like shudan ishiki so much because I'm not sensitive by someone's opinion. I cherish my opinion, my spece and my free time. While I spend free time by myself, I sometimes feel comfortable. This might be egotistic view, but too strong shudan-ishiki is a little problem. I think we must establish each person's identity. The nail that sticks out gets hammered down. (出る杭は打たれる) Certainly, that is true, but we should try to communicate with others actively. Only is not lonely! This phrase is the word of my respectable English teacher.

Understanding business 

October 19 [Wed], 2005, 0:02
Today, I had business class. These days, it is very difficult for me to understand the text, Today's topic is ethics. When we start a business in a foreign country, the most important thing is to know each cultural ethics. For example, there are many differences of ethics between Japan and the U.S. I'm a Japanese, so I don't know American ethics. But, if I start a business in the U.S, I should learn the ethics and customs. In the future, I'd like to get MBA in the U.S. After that, I want to be an entrepreneur. Therefore, I should broaden my horizons. Incidentally, my TOEIC score is 655, so I must study hard English. Communication is important to make friends. I promised my foreign friends to meet again. By the time, I want to improve my English ability, and talk to them in English.

My collection 

October 17 [Mon], 2005, 19:44
This crystal is a souvenir from Sydney. After my GIE program was finished, I went to Sydney. I bought it at the shop near the Sydney tower. The cost is $10. In Sydney, my favorite place is Darling Harbour. There are many shopping malls, and the view is mind-blowing. I stayed in a youth hostel near the Sydney central station. I ate lamb chop in the restaurant. It was really scrumptious! If you have a chance of going to Sydney, you should go to Daring Harbour. Next year, I'd like to study abroad in Sydney for one year.


October 16 [Sun], 2005, 18:32
Hello, everyone. Today, I started to setting up my page. Let me congratulate myself on the realization of this page, to which I hope you will pay attention. I want to write my memory in Australia because I have not special news recently. I had been in Adelaide for 5 weeks during the summer vacation. I took GIE program(General Intensive English) in University of South Australia, and I made lot's of foreign friends. Even after I went back to Japan, I often keep in touch with them by e-mail. They are treasures for me! I hope they succeed in the future. If you have special news, please send e-mail to me anytime. See you.
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