The last holiday 

2004年12月05日(日) 18時13分
I've enjoyed my last holiday in this week!!The coming holiday is to revise my exam subjects lah...>" Just read a few pages of econ books only...I hope to celebrate my X'mas with my dear friends, including Tracy lah!!!Also, when I saw others diary, I found that most of us are enjoying the U-life...really jealous of someone who can have their internship/training so sooooooooon!!!I wanna get some experiences also lei.

Should turn to the exam 

2004年12月03日(金) 11時18分
ya, finally I can finish my China Studies essay in yesterday night. However, some editings still needed. coz my references are totally wrong. That's not the case that I think, and most of us think. We really dunno the in-text Chinese referencing.
yes la, I needa turn to my exam channel lei~only 1 week left. How can I finish that long syllabuses within 1 week? Too impossible!!!!!!!!!!However, some subject havent finished their own syllabuese yet! So, as I said before, the syllabuses should be cut.
yea, I shouldnt wait time here anymore la, add oil!!!!Kathhhy!!!!!

Eng presentation 

2004年12月02日(木) 19時38分
I've seen the comment of my today's presentation already. Actually, the comment is quite good! I can only remember that my voice is fair. And I've got the wrong word and the last thing is I've eye contact, but most time I focus on Nick. (actually I dun think that's the case. coz I look from right to left. or maybe I cant realize) The final comment is "well ? presented" I've forgot the word in the middle... Nvm la, I think it's already better than waht I expect. But I still dun know the grade lei~It may probably be "B".
The most "fan"thing is China Studies, coz I dun want to write anymore brain is vy tired.

Excellent marketing presentation 

2004年12月01日(水) 22時54分
ya, today I'm quite delighted coz the excellent performance of my marketing presentation. It really unbelievable that we can get an "A" this time, coz I know, most of our classmates get "B+" and this shows that we are the outstanding one. =) And Carrie give some comments for my presentation, but I know, she doesnt treat it so seriously. But I'm still happy that she commented my presentation as fluent and have enough eye contact. I've got improvement this time lei~All my marketing presentations are over, and we can get a good ending at last.

Doing Nothing 

2004年11月28日(日) 13時08分
It's really boring at sunday morning, I know I've many things should be done on TODAY, But I gonna no mood to doing so...The happiest thing is only I've written 1/3 of my China Studies' essay... It's really tough to do. And also, I'm thinking how I can arrange my sem2 timetable. I wanna finish all my GE subject in yr1. But the timetable doesnt suit for mine. So, I cannot take those I like. And also...I wanna sem 1 can fastly pass la, It seems so bored with the subjects. The feeling is" I've studied those 6 subjects for over 1 yr already" (although they last only 3 months) maybe just becoz the syllabuses are too long which cover most materials in Alevel.

Resting Saturday 

2004年11月27日(土) 11時50分
finally, I've got the approval for my China Studies' essay question. However, it took only for a few minutes. I've found him for many times. My topic is "中國發展迅速的原因分析" Does it seem to be vy boring? I think so. I chose this topic only because it seemed to be easy for finding information. yet, it is an updated topic!

and, I'm worrying my English presentation. coz I cant think of how I can organise the materials, and the information cannot match with what I wanna say...

and the last thing, I want to perform better in my final exam...
it seems these kind of things are around me all days. really wanna have a rest, but I know I cant.....yes, I want a cold X'mas, is it possible lei?

Busy Friday 

2004年11月26日(金) 11時27分
I havent find my professor to approve my essay topic yet! However, I must hand in my essay 2 weeks later. Ha, do you think that it's too hurry? But I cant control that la, coz I have just finished all my important presentation in these days. And I havent started my exam revision at all. I'm worrying about my final exam, esp for the Microeconomics and the Business Accounting.

Ya, and we've decided to have a sushi day to celebrate our X'mas. Long time havent tried la.!!

And there're some special notes to Lily, my dear friend.
Lokan has misinterpreted the msg to you la, coz at that day, I only ask him where are you only. I would like to give you the chocolate, that I've promised you before! Till yesterday night,, I sin know you'd been angry about that. Really sorry for that.

I've changed the new appearance for my yaplog. coz I would lke to try some new things ma~kaka =)
Now you can leave your msg under here.

Last Day of week 

2004年11月25日(木) 15時05分
yeah, I've finished my economic's presentation...However, there're different marks between our groupmates. I've got 9 marks over 10. and I'm able to ans the questions raised by both of our classmates and my tutor. And andy said that I'll be better if I can explain those part at the beginning of my presentation.
suen la, I think I've done by best already la~
The coming presentation is English, which is the last presentation in my sem 1!

Stupid Kathhhy 

2004年11月24日(水) 12時34分
How stupid is me...><
I've been school too early...before 1 hour! But when I go out, everything is in a hurry,I haven't brought anything to do and I am so bored now!!!!

Just have some sharing only =)
I'm thinking how can yapog be different with my kiniko. As I'm so greedy, I want both of them to "survive", even I know it's difficult for me to write diary on both sites. Just a difference in Chinese version and English version??Or sharing daily life experiences in yaplog but sharing my opinions in kiniko?? However, I occasionally have my own opinions to share, and to discuss. What can I do?Maybe I should think more deeply about that!

Actually, I would like to have some shopping in my coming holidays . To buy as many as I can! I would like to buy some clothes or anything which is cute . But the 1st challenge is that I need to overcome the final exam!!!Work Hard, Kathhhy!

Furthermore, If anyone would like to leave some msg for me, plz click items under the arrow!

Accounting results 

2004年11月24日(水) 10時52分
Accounting, which is a difficult subject for me...
I can say, I've put lots of effort in it
I face a great deal of difficulties esp the accruals and I dun think I can get a good grade in this....However, I hope so........
and the results make me delighted since I got quite a high marks.......for me, yes! Thanks to both Alex and Hilary who teaches me a lot!!!

I need to work harder and harder...and hope my accounting can get a satisfactory results in the examination!!
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