About my background music 

September 27 [Tue], 2005, 23:35
First need to say happy b-day to my ex-co worker Freda & also,of course to idol - Lau Wah

Today our office building has a fire drill at 10:00 AM. super mo lui ar… but luckily we just need to went to the carpark at 7th Floor, I don't want to waste time in walk to the ground floor and then walk back to the office. Our manager just ignore this and talking to the phone ar. My colleague said our manager is always ready to sacrifice himself for the co ar

Let me introduce the background music of my belog (please switch on your speaker to listen to it)

He is Delclan, a remarkable young boy from Irish. He sang this song in 2002 at the age of 10. He is a very talented little singer and also a very cutie boy. Some people said this song is too serious for a little boy at his age. But I think his voice make this song become pefect. If u r interest in his songs, u can leave a message here, I can give u his songs

A letter to... 

September 26 [Mon], 2005, 0:50

To my dear

How are you? Feeling better now? m i pushing you too hard, so u r sick now?
I m really shock when my brother told me that u cannot detect the 2 drives. How come I don't even realize it bcos I m too concentrate on my weblog recently ....Gomene
Please don't get mad with me la I will call the doctor for u asap. Of course if u can get well by yrself, it would be great la. Please get well soon then we can enjoy P’s new drama together, okay

Your best buddy

It's raining 

September 25 [Sun], 2005, 18:36
bcos I receive a complain from someone(i won't tell the name here gei), so I show this pic first before I write my dairy today. Is this ok?? is the best that i get la.. cos some of it cannot be resize, so cannot put it here

Still Typhoon No 3 today, so cannot go anywhere except doing the exercise. A bit disappointed ar… but cannot do anything … sorry to let Eva to disappoint with me also.

After exercise, we went to have a late lunch in restaurant. People will think we are crazy cos the 4 of us need to take pic of the food b4 we eat them la. Cos we think it will made our dairy more interesting.

Then we went to a DC shop to buy the DC screen stickers and the shop told us it need $80 each wor…. so chi sin ar… I bought it in the SAME shop last time at a half price just ONE WEEK ago. So we left the shop without buying it. Then we window shopping SOGO cos is winter clothes everywhere already, cannot wear it even if I buy it.

When I went home, I m in the same lift with a young couple. I heard them talking about the how demand affect the price of the our carpark How come need to analysis about it ar?? u cannot change the price ga la… So straight

Need to get back to work again tomorrow… how come there is no Typhnoon No.8 in HK this year la...


September 24 [Sat], 2005, 17:48
haha.. is a funny sat again la... first is our yoga tutor, she told us to kiss our finger and talk to them when we using hand cream cos they had been working alot wor... super want to laugh… but the whole class is very silent, so I need to control myself in the class….very difficult ar.... Ok need to say 5x9=63 to all my fingers (haha)

After class I went to have hair cut with Mandy, Ophe Daisy and Daisy sis. So need to show the pic to see what we look like after the hair cut… but & seem haven’t do anything to their hair. Not much change ne…

We have our hotpot dinner in a restaurant called “Him Kee” in CWB. Just laught and eat a lot during our dinner. We became the noisiesttable in that restaurant .. AGAIN!
Cos Mandy just talk something really funny about and me & ophe can’t stop laught at it la. I m sure u can be a very good actor if u tired in the job that u r doing. u r born to be an comedian. I m very happy to spend time with my dear friend. They are really the best & the closest friend that I have cos we have so many happy memory together!

P.S. proof-read already la

Is Friday yeah~~ 

September 23 [Fri], 2005, 23:21
so happy to see that my fds read my dairy and give me some feed back yan yanwelcome ar ... i will try my best to update it everyday ne

today really got a lot to do ar... 2 large bunches of invoices & cannot finish it even work until 8:45PM today... and my colleagues ask me y i seldom talk in the office wor... i really hope to concentrate on my work and leave a bit earlier ... i don't want to be the one who lock our office main door ... i just work here for 2 weeks jai.... very tired in my body & hope this suituation will be better soon but next week need to OT hopefully i get go home b4 10:00PM la

oh don't know if it will & this sunday but seem will la... i hope to go to 雍雅山房 , but seem not so possible .... cos Go Rain Go Rain...It's raining It's raining

will be October soon la... waiting for it ne... cos many GREAT things is going to be happen... First is our gathering, then will have 2 days ... after that is , start looking forward to it ne

For my fd Ophe

And little P for MYSELF la


September 22 [Thu], 2005, 19:37
Amy,long time no see la, i m glad to know that u had read my dairy la.. please come here often if u have time la.. keep in touch

listen to the radio just now, 雍雅山房 will continue for one more week la i haven't went there b4 i m interested to go there to have a look b4 it close ne but i don't know where it is la Did anyone go there b4 I try to see if i can book a table on sunday after our class la is it ok with all of u

22-23 Oct will be festival in Victoria Park, i think it would be great la We can walk there after our exercisebut how come just morning 娘 come wor i want some one from Johnny's la, how come Johhny's san always ignore HK market Hope to see their con in HK soon la

I had a little taste of P's new drama "dragon sakura" ar... is GREAT i like that kind of drama about great teacher & students...is too bad that i haven't met any sansen like the one in Jap drama... the "hot blood" teacher
Anyway Congratulation to P ar

My new mobile 

September 21 [Wed], 2005, 22:45
i press the wrong keyjust now, all the things that i wrotedisappear, so i need to write it all over again

hahaha i m very happy to get my new mobile today, actually this is a late b-day from.......... MYSELF ar..... hahaha need to say Happy b-day to myself when i open it la but is nearly one month later CSL told me i can get it after 2 days, but is 2 weeks later now luckiy they courier to my home, so i no need to go and take it i can now use the Anpanmanmobile decoration which gave it to me as a but , how come u can writethings to me on a recycle paper in my i prefer write paper next time la haha

Now i can have 2 panasonic with me all the time, one is my new mobile and the others is my new DC from my brother (thank you bro) Do u remember that my kochan had shown in the panasonic CM b4 Starting from that time, i have a gd impression about this brand until now la Crazy

fafa u r already Mrs bi in our heart la... see how many effort u had put on him Age is NOT a problem la u can be star/snow/moon/RAINbow/Cloud with i think u become more outgoing after knowing good ar
a za a za fighting

Please tell me the answer 

September 20 [Tue], 2005, 0:17
Need to go back to work again...still not yet recover from the cold very tired …..need to due with FIGURES & PAYMENTS again,i find out that i really don't like accounts I m not sensible to figures at all and careful enough no matter how hard I try

how come I m ok when I work with E ? maybe cos most work do not really related to accounting ….. so what can i do change to another field and start it all over again People MUST think i m crazy la cos all my studies & work experiences will be a waste....

Even if i really want to try something else... something which may suit me more, but what would it be....Please tell me

suffer from cold ar >.< 

September 19 [Mon], 2005, 23:41
Today i suffer from cold so i haven't went outside ne.... wake up at around 9:00 AM (I don't know y i can wake up so early in holiday), take some medicine and then sleep again.... and try to wake up again at nearly 12:00, i remember that Miss N asked me to upload her pic, so trouble ne...(haha), but i still upload it for her la.... cos i m a NICE GUY ma... (haha) I HOPE SHE CAN READ THIS AND SEE HOW NICE I TREAT HER AR......

After upload her pics and then try to upload mine and i continue to go back to sleep again..... when i wake up, i think all the upload pics MUST BE finishED la ... cos is 6:00PM already la wor, but then i see my and find the pic had ERROR, so cannot upload .... how come Really SHOCK
So" gomene" to all of my others fd ar.... u guys need to wait for me to upload the pic later ne

At night, i try to write my dairy in web, cos i need to use writing pad ... so i need around 2 hrs to finish just one of it....,but bcos is my 2 special fds b-day... so i still use hours to finish it la.... suiman i write yr big day one in early in the morning ne.. start writing it at 5:30 AM ga.... SURPRISE ne,

A little for Mandy - Nino

I will just write my dairy in chinese if i have time, or wait until someone teach me how to type la, any volunteer


September 18 [Sun], 2005, 6:24
Happy Mid Autumn & Happy Birthday to 小Man,謝小姐, Michelle &柔柔

今早9:00就收到小Man的morning call,匆匆起身,準備到南華會上堂,包括10:30Pilates,11:30Kick Boxing and then13:00badminton,倦到想死呀{(泣)爆弾}。玩完頭兩項活動,幾乎不能動.....終於所有運動結束,沐浴後便到翠華吃下午茶。接著和小Man, Eva Ophe一起在銅鑼灣Shopping,忽然下著大雨,我想Eva一定很高興,因為Eva是鄭太(笑)

到達Time Square,才知Sammi有function,可惜Sammi帶上了大大的鏡,完全看不到樣子,希望不是雜誌中的那麼糟。由於太倦,便前往吃很好吃。

跟Ophe分手我們再到SOGO,尋找Wink Up (P's Cover),可惜售完了(泣)......,在等Joy其間,到了animate,終於看到 P,大喜(笑),當然立刻帶P回家

然後我們至維園-巴西餐廳,雖然中午下了大Rain,但天氣仍然很熱。到達後,發現只有露天的有位子(怒),幸好有風扇,不至太熱。吃了很多東西,其中包括不同種類的腸....(笑),Eva 和Joy努力的寫小ManB-day Card,Eva所寫的東西使我和Joy不斷大笑,小Man完全疑域......因我們看過後,最後才送出(笑)....我和Eva不斷用DC拍小Man,我想小Man完全體會被狗仔隊拍照的感受。由於今年小Man生日是中秋,所以我們準備了月餅,亦由於Disney開幕,我,Eva,Ophe分別送上Chip&Dale,但完全沒有相同,SHOCK(笑)




…我的名字是… h雲
…最愛的人是… 堂本光一,山下智久,鄭智
…最常做的是… 上網、寫日記、看日劇、睡覺、聽音樂...
…我的R物是… 家人和朋友
">…我最愛吃是… 韓國料理、菴列飯、水果
…最近最喜歡… 唐老鴨、麵包仔仔(笑)、Hello Kitty
…最想去的地方… 日本、韓國、夏威夷....
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