The comfort that BOREE(treasure person) is colourful to drag along vogue

November 14 [Wed], 2012, 12:26

along with the exaltation of quality of life, we nearby some products been familiar with continuously get stripe to change generation and get stripe to get stripe for the bed thing series for the LCD number television, bed sheet such as the common color television, the professions, such as toothpaste, toothbrush and underwear...etc. also gets into brand to turn, the famous brand turn ages.The slippers are the necessities of home life and easily consume an article, is also turned into a various vogue styles in the past by single plastics slippers of style, what were the slippers after getting stripe ?Can bring for the consumer what?BOREE(treasure person) made to this perfect annotation.

2008, the treasure Feng group releases formally all new slippers to get stripe a colourful characteristics of shoe for dragging along, combining fashionable dresses on the foundation of slippers of the product concept-BOREE(treasure person), not only wear feet comfort, got away from just tie feeling of packing the shoe, be good for health, and integrate into a vogue fad chemical element, can match dress, parts of products still acquire national patent and have antiskid, health care etc. effect.BOREE is colourful dragging along not only can wear in the home, go shopping shopping, spend a holiday a trip and make friends a party, work also can be dressed in, at Europe and America of metropolis street, Oscar make awards an evening party the spot, and some in vogue PARTY(party), usually can see the socially prominent lady fair lady of wearing the vogue dress, wear on the feet of is a pair of fashionable dresses slippers that produces from the treasure Feng.Can say so, BOREE is colourful to drag along is not only the living necessity that can embody your daily life at home personal status, and can is more comfortable, more economic and more simple and direct fashionable dresses casual shoes in the fashionable dresses slippers that various situations be dressed in.

BOREE is colourful to drag along to include several big serieses of New York romantic feeling series, the villa daily life at home series, Hawaiian series and elegant beautiful person's series, FASHION series, and Olympic Games series...etc.s of several hundred product styles, satisfy vogue, daily life at home and tour to spend a holiday, recreation stroll, aquatic sports

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