Zhejiang one male shoe Ao the Kang pass a hair application

September 26 [Mon], 2011, 12:11

Although Zhejiang is well-known male the shoe manufacturer's Ao Kang company before becoming available in the market, be subjected to many multimedia of have been querying, on Friday evening, still keep passing a head hair application.This, the Ao Kang shoe industry plan publishes 81,000,000 in bourse in Shanghai, the total subscribed capital is 400,Uneven skin tone can be the result of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation caused by acne lesions or scarring; irritation caused by shaving,Nike Dunk Shoes; harsh skin care products or chemically unbalanced cosmetics. The irritation can stimulate melanin production980,000, draw up to land bourse in Shanghai after publishing.

The listed company that is absorbed in a shoe industry manufacturing on the A stock market field is only a few, this time Ao Kang shoe the industry successfully rush to close certificate Jian to conduct trial jointly a pit and mean that an A stock market field full general appears the first devote one's mind a male shoe manufacturing of listed company.Publish a stock to recruit manual(declare a draft) according to the first time development of the Ao Kang shoe industry announcement, it each first half year of income is up to 0.6744 dollars this year.For this,How can Beautifully displayed asics shoes as part of Hollywood Heros. have the market the personage to anticipate, its publishing price is about 2000% to have already hoped in response to this year's dynamic state City Ying rate, this also means a male shoe the first issue price of the Ao Kang shoe industry is about 26.8 dollars/.

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