sooo tired 

August 06 [Mon], 2007, 11:02
even after a weekend off from work I am still very tired. I have to be up at 6am
tomarrow... I hope work goes well.

I should really type more but lately i havnt done anything worth bloging about ^-^;;


July 31 [Tue], 2007, 9:46
An Update of sorts. Well ^-^;; what to write.. My cousin and the baby were here last night. As much as we missed the baby we did NOT miss my cousin's asshole like behavior or the fact she leaves diapers all over the place. Trust me.. there was one ON THE BABIES SIPPY CUP! *takes a breath and shudders* My cousin has issues.

My lizards light decided to blow today @-@ So i had to buy a whole lamp and bulb. They have a new basking light thta makes UVA and UVB rays so I got that one since it will make sure my babies are healthy. They seem to like it too since they havnt left the spot under it since i plugged it in. Tomarrow I should find out if I am getting Loki or not *crosses fingers* I want a new lizard to eat the big crickets and that I can hold and walk.

I also went serching around for materials for the cosplays I am making for Nobara and Mia. Both outfits will be in the $30.00 to $50.00 range being closer to the $30.00 area. i will need to add the red to black velvet like material for Kais jacket and paint in the black on the red hip thing. But everything else wont be to bad. I think it will be fun. Mia's outfit I am going to do with a front cover that hooks over a hidden zipper. that way it stays on and closed and the flap can be velcro sealed, snaps, or I was thinking about trying Magnets (if I do magnets it will be after extensive testing on my kanon outfit). I have a while to gte Mias done though so i can hunt down the right materials for everything. I am also going to be adding Velcro strips in her Die jacket since the snaps pretty much fell off the same day they were put on and it wasnt holding itself together. Most of you who ran into me at Otakon know my thoughts on that jacket. It makes me sad that someone would do something of that quality for someone else. i also need to finish Brians Chad arm. I learned an important lesson working on that thing. i CAN NOT make a glove ^-^;; i think I will invest in some nice stretchy black material to use so that it does make a good glove. I will not be defeated by something so simple as a freakin glove! *hisses* other then the glove everything else was looking good. I have the foam cut for the upper arm extension and the forward arm extensions. Just need to get the new material and make the whole ting as a unit ^-^

in other cosplay news I have a rather long extensive list of outfits for myself to wear for many different conventions:

Oni-con October 19-21 Houston, TX (only go if its a drop dead band i cant live without)
Friday: Tatsurou - Libra
Saturday: Karyu - CBGB Club outfit
Sunday: None (due to probably flying out to CA for Yaoi con)

Yaoi-con October 26-28 San Francisco, CA
Friday: Kai (From Kizuna Vol 10 in the red and black Yukata)
Saturday: Nagi Naoe (Weiss Kreuze Gluhen)
Sunday: Yohji Kudou (weiss Kreuze)

*Note on the above Cons: Due to them being 1 after another IF I do both then I will fly from here to TX. Then TX to CA, then CA to home and have to spend a few extra days at one. hence the worry about both of them

Halloween weekend Jrock Fun! (Nobara and Mia are comming to my house!)
Wearing: kanon

AnimeUSA November 16-18 Virginia (I want to see Back-On. Kuri says they are good ^o^)
Friday: Aoi - reila
Saturday: Aoi -Silly God Disco
Sunday: Aoi - Burst into a Blaze

katsucon february 15-17 Washington DC
Not Sure on Days but heres the list: Nagi (Gluhen), Aoi - SGD and Reila, Emiru - Billet, Milk-chan

AnimeNext ?
Not sure on days: Aoi - SGD, Emiru - Billet, Miyavi - Itoshi Hito, Daiishi (Not sure which one yet)

Otakon August 7-9 (I think.. I forget really)
Not sure on days: Nagi Naoe. Yohji Kudou, Emiru, Gackt - Redemption, Kanon (a new one), Kishidan - Koibito, Kanon (new one)
*Otakon I cosplay Thursday till Sunday and will do 1 thursday a bunch Friday and saturday and 1 sunday.

my First Blog Post 

July 27 [Fri], 2007, 11:25
Now to start learning more then a few words in Japanese.

Gomen for everything being in English for now.
I am seriously starting to learn Japanese.
It may take a while but I am very deterimined
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