August 06 [Thu], 2009, 7:53
hi sorry i didnt write was busy
you know what grinds my gears
when im in utah and no won recycles anything
but my family does though
that grinds my gears alot
ya so my friend gabby came to utah
all the way from texas
it was fun
shes leaving tomorrow

i have soccer so
ill write back later

tomorrows act 

July 09 [Thu], 2009, 22:43
sorry i didnt write busy as always tomorrow i am leaving japan i dontwant to leave but i do at the same time i dont want to say goodebye to everybody in japan. well sorry for the short blog im tired byebye

what i did in japan 

July 03 [Fri], 2009, 11:39
sorry i didnt write i was busy going to a lot of places. but
when i wasnt busy i was to lazy. but theres one big reason i am not writing it is because my hamster has died. i am so sad. i told a blog that she was my best friend and she still is. she died in her sleep my dad burried her underground as soon as he figured out she died. i am still in japan and i was in japan when maron died i didnt get to say goodebye or kiss her. just writing about her makes me cry. well i have to go i am going to eat a meal.{旗 }

yesterday`s act 

June 15 [Mon], 2009, 6:19

so yesterday i did say hi to everyone. and i went for a walk. i went into a store and bought a magazine. i also went to a bookstore. i didnt buy anything there.
well that is all i did yesterday.
well by ill write again today.
byby thanks for reading!

at japan activtey 

June 14 [Sun], 2009, 9:56

i arrived at japan yesterday, i didnt write yesterday because i couldnt find my blog page. but today i found it. i dont really know what i am going to do today. when i find out i will write it. today i am hoping we go around and say hi to all the friends here. we probably will do that. well i have to go now. thanks for reading byby
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hi i am a girl and i love my hamster maron. i love listening to rock music with loud sounds.
i am half japanese and half american. i am ten years old i am going to be in the 5th grade after summer. i am in the same class with my friends.
sorry i dont write in japanese i can speak japanese but i cant write or read so i ask my mom to help. i can speak, write, and read english. when i grow up i want to be a teacher in japan to teach kids english. k well by
thanks for reading
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