Unifies Hua Chansu after the drive pipe hepatic artery chemotherapy embolism to treat the primary liver cancer's nursing experience

January 26 [Sun], 2014, 11:47
The primary liver cancer is one of Antegrade cannula common malignant tumors, discovered when many are the mid and late stage, the majority patients cannot the surgery, be able to adopt the emission involvement treatment and the partial treatment only. (Transcatheter hepatic arterialchemoembolization, TACE) unites the portal vein after the drive pipe aortic root cannula artery chemotherapy embolism technique to set governs and rules cures liver cancer's effect, surpasses pure TACE to treat [1]. At present uses in the chemotherapy medicine its ill-effect and the gastro-intestinal tract response is obvious, patient many not arterial cannula long time chemotherapy.