Disinfection and sterilization of biomedical materials

April 26 [Fri], 2013, 17:00
Overview of the polymer material has good iv set, physical and mechanical properties, chemical Feeling, permeability, and easy molding characteristics, applications in medicine. At present, the many varieties of polymer materials used in medical, considerable consumption and depth to the various departments of medical syringe. The number of polymer materials as the main medical disposables "has reached more than a thousand species, are gradually replacing other materials. Syringe production in Japan, for example, the plastic syringe yield per month up to eleven million, accounting for about 94% of the total production of the syringe, glass syringe only 6%. As artificial organs, repair products and medical appliances polymer material used mostly with the human body in direct or indirect contact. Used as the diagnosis and treatment of a number of electronic devices implanted in the body (such as disposable syringe).
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