bad for eyes

October 02 [Fri], 2009, 15:14
It took all day long to do computer things yesterday.

I was not going to do it, but one of my acquaintances Kenji who knows computer things much better than we do came to my house to install something on my sister's laptop.

Actually, I should have added a new hard drive, which he gave me the other day, before he came (because my computer extremely needed it), but I do not like to do things which confuse me, so I had not done it.

Though I know installing is not so difficult if you follow the instructions, technical terms make things complicated!!

When I heard he was coming to my house, I was like, 'God! he might have a check on my computer whether I installed it as he told me!'

As I thought, he asked me how my computer was doing after getting everything done on my sister's laptop.

I tried to make an excuse, fortunately I had one possible excuse, and he understood it, and he tried to install a hard drive on my desktop.

It was so far, so good.

Yet, he found another problem on my desktop!!

It was about setting for wireless LAN.

The security of wireless LAN has not been set!


In a range of computers which could sense my wireless LAN waves could connect to the Internet as freely as possible!

Nobody in my family knew about this fact because my ex-boyfriend who now lives in NZ set it up!!

Even Kenji was not able to solve the problem, so I called the technical support center after he went home.

Thanks to my ex-boyfriend, I could learn a little bit about the network system.

What is worse, my desktop has one more problem.

I mistakenly deleted the sound device to extend the capacity of a hard drive and my desktop does not have sound!

You can laugh at me as much as you want...!

I think my eyes are very tired because of this series of computer things...

I am going to take Lutein.

See you,
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