I'm in Hawaii! 

2005年05月19日(木) 11時53分
Hello everybody!
finally i'm in hawaii now!
i visited my old college in Hawaii today.
it didn't change at all.
i'm so happy to come back here.
hawaii is paradise!!!!!!!!!!
but here is too hot to me!!!!!!!
i already got sunburn!!!;((
anyway, how are you doin' there?

oh guess what! i got all A in spring semester! yay!
i just knew the result!!
i'll do the best this comming summer school!!!
see you later!

i got a ticket! 

2005年04月29日(金) 15時33分
finally i will go back to HAWAII!!!
i can't believe that i haven't seen my friends for two years!!!
time passed sooooooo fast!!!
i will stay there for 3weeks:)
if it's possible, i want to see my host family....and kids!!!
they were really cute and sweet!! i hope they still remember me!!
do you guys have any plan for summer??

long time no seeeeee 

2005年02月24日(木) 4時12分
what's up!
i cannot believe that i haven't updated my website for 4 months!!!
i am relieved becase my page stilll existed even today. hahahaha!
well, the end of the last semester was pretty busy because lots of assigntment was due. but fortunately, i got all A last semester!! YAY!!!!!!!
thank you all!!!!!

by the way, i went back to japan for winter vacation.
it haven't seen my family for a year, so it was really nice to spend with them for a month.
since i came back to america, i have been super busy.....
i haven't slept enough recently....
how about you guys??
are you busy busy for studying or working???
i think i will put some my artwork from now on.
so please check them out!:)

wine labels(revise) 

2004年11月02日(火) 5時33分

here is my wine labels.
theme is HAWAII;)
some of them definetely notice who is this guy.
i had some ideas beside hawaiian version though,
the name and the wine color were good on
hawaiian version.
in my rough draft, make this wine look like antique,
i designed black and white image with colorful rainbow,
BUT my teacher did not like the idea.
he was saying " you should put color on palm tree. a
nd your text was like a newspaper." so i changed them...
i prefered black and white version though...
well, i like this text style. it is cute, huh?
the wine name "ANUENUE" means Rainbow in hawaiian.
and "WAILOI" means preasure water.
i put some fake story on the back label like real wine has.
it is difficult to see in this picture....maybe...
i wrote "when the kamehameha conquired the oahu island,
he found a field of muscat, and the king who loved
various wines offered to make a wine by the muscat.
now the wine is produced to celebrate the king kamehameha."
something like this.
oh i gotta go to art history lecture!

my signs 

2004年11月02日(火) 5時01分
here is my signs. last time, i show you guys my rough draft of sign. actually, i dumped the ET sign because...it was boring. haha
anyway, i chose three signs that my teacher likes(you know, he will grade my works, so i have to kinda follow his opinions). and of course, he liked my signs and geve me A! Yahoohooooo!!!!
after this project, designing original wine labels were an assignment.
my freind and i took 1hour to choose just one wine bottle. haha.
designing wine labes were fun, but it was difficult becase i had to think about
what kinda design will be attractive to people or what kinda colors are suitable on the wine... blah blah blah.....
i hope my grade is okay...i think my teacher will tell the grade on this wednesday....

my favorite group! 

2004年10月17日(日) 10時15分
do you guys listen rock music?
i listen all kinds of music if i like.
but i think my favorite genre is rock.
since i was 13yrs old, i started listening english, my 1st favorite group is Bon Jovi.
some of you might laugh at me now.
but i am a huge fan of Bon Jovi.
to me their music is great!!!!!! Jon Bon Jovi is soooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!
by the way, currently i have some groups that i really like.
one of them is "SWITCHFOOT".
have you ever heard their music??
i really recommend their music! their album "The Beautiful Letdown" is sooo coool!!!!!
i like all of their songs!!!
if you like Third Eye Blind, Matchbox Twenty, well something like not hard rock, i think you will like Switchfoot. haha! sorry i cannot explain how their music is great or like.
just check it out! hehe!

8am class was canceled!! 

2004年10月13日(水) 22時53分
today was the due day of advertisements for one company in one art class.
and i supposed to have critique for them.
i woke up early and i was so nervous for it.
BUT today my teacher was sick, so my class was canceled!!
so everybody just handed their works to him and left!!
i was like OHHHHHHHH MY GOODENSS!!!!!!
i woke up 7:20 and i ate really quickly, so i spilled cheese on my folk and my shirt!!!
Damn it!!!!
and i rode my bicycle with MAHHA speed, you know.
but there was no class todaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!
and i cannot go back to my room because i have one class from 10am!!!!
what a fu*k!!!!
anyway, that's why i am writting this in my computer Lab in really really early morning! sucks!
and i am in shock a bit because of one news from my friend.
i can't believe it....my friend is gonna move to country side with his GF!
oh no!!! shocking!!!!!!!!! ohhhhhh they are gonna definetely get marry soon...!
maybe i can speak up in their wedding
hahaha. no i was kidding.
i am happy if he is happy you know.
but....ummmmm yeah, i am fine.
how is your day??


2004年10月13日(水) 3時00分
this is one of my works that i am currently working on. i have to design three different road signs. this is rough draft, so i might gonna change this. this assignment due is next monday. my teacher says, Be Innovative, Be Creative, Be Creative. ummm what do you think??

the first day 

2004年10月12日(火) 15時12分
it was a rainy day and so cold in Illinois. i had been working on my design assignment in computer lab till midnight. and then, just now i am making my own website. i had wanted to have own page since i bought PC, but actually, i really did not try, though i have a book about making website in Japan. haha!!
well, i am designing road signs as one of my projects. i thought it would be difficult and not so fun. but it was totally wrong! designing signs is so much fun!!! i hope i can show you guys my works someday!
well, that's all for today.
p.s. Nao chan, thank you so much!
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