on Mac mini VIPorbit Contact Manager v.1.6 where download

March 02 [Sat], 2019, 19:07
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on Mac mini VIPorbit Contact Manager v.1.6 where download

VIPorbit Contact Manager Business VIPorbit Software International, Inc. 6349 KB Personal Info Managers

1.6 VIPorbit Contact Manager

VIPorbit Contact Manager is designed for contact-centric business professionals to manage complete contact details, link calendars and tasks, and log communications related to each contact for instant access to complete details on every relationship. It's the first-ever contact manager designed to work across Mac, iPhone and iPad.
- Manages contact details, including names, multiple addresses, and social media accounts, and includes 14 customizable fields to track whatever you need
- Imports contacts from Address Book/Contacts, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more...
- Includes a built-in calendar that displays day, week, month, and list views, and works with the Apple calendar and other popular external calendars
- Links related events and tasks to each contact
- Stores a chronological log of all completed and upcoming activities related to each contact
- Shows each day’s schedule at-a-glance on the customizable Dashboard
- Keeps unlimited notes from conversations and meetings
- Displays each contact’s social media activities, including Facebook and Twitter posts
- Produces reports summarizing completed activities and other relationship details
- Groups contacts into orbits for quick scheduling and group messaging
- Syncs in real-time between desktop computer, iPhone, and iPad (requires VIPsync Service)
Note: Syncing between Mac, iPhone, and iPad requires the VIPsync Service which is available for US$4.99/month or $45/year.

Featured 10.14.3 VER.1.10.VIPORBIT.CONTACT.MANAGER.ABUD8.APP [6983 kbytes]

Recomended for Mojave version.2.6.viporbit.contact.manager.jpv.tar.gz [5396 kbytes]

on MacBook v-1.9-VIPorbit-Contact-Manager-k7e.tar.gz [5079 kbytes]

MacBook Pro EoqfZ-VIPorbit-Contact-Manager-ver-1.8.tar.gz [6095 kbytes]

to Mojave PIW4_VIPorbit_Contact_Manager_version_3.6.zip [6983 kbytes]

Updated version NZV2.VIPorbit.Contact.Manager.version.1.7.app [6793 kbytes]

VIPorbit Software International, Inc.

Official: http://www.viporbit.com

Recomended on iMac Xsong_ver._1.2.5_RRv.app {31749 kbytes} 1.0.9

Best to MacOS ver-1.0.5-Clippings-lgm.pkg {712 kbytes} 2.0.1

Recomended MacBook EP60-1.5-FreezeTime.pkg {4319 kbytes} 1.6

Mac mini CNWMJ_VERSION_2.6.7_APP_ISPLASHCOLORS.ZIP {34571 kbytes} 2.9.3

(6222 kb) VIPorbit Contact Manager v 1.9 A6ayt 1.8 Updated version

(5968 kb) Get LDDLL VIPORBIT CONTACT MANAGER VERS 2.6 1.7 for 10.11

(6983 kb) Get VIPORBIT CONTACT MANAGER VER. 3.6 OVXL9H 1.7 Recomended for 10.14.1

(6729 kb) Download QEgcN VIPorbit Contact Manager v.1.7 1.10 10.11

(5206 kb) App v.1.8 VIPorbit Contact Manager tw5kKw 1.10 MacOS
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