2006年05月09日(火) 22時19分
oh my godness i mistakenly erased diary which i've just wrote..........!!!!!!

hope tommorow will be better day and to be able to write normal diary tomorrow!!


2006年05月02日(火) 3時47分
i have been sick since last weekend..
i heard news saying today's temperature in tokyo was as high as 30 degrees but
i actually felt chilly all day...
tomorrow is the last day for GW, but probably i will not be able to attend classes......

hope tomorrow will be better day!!

(‘∀‘ ) 

2006年04月26日(水) 23時45分
i left my house at 12 oclock as usual although my friends told me that she would bring her child during lunch time and asked me to come to see them.
i am sorry.......i couldnt wake up eariler than usual.
today's classes were 'intensive english' and 'world of japanese poetry'.
world of japanese poetry is boring or sleepy time...
teacher's voice makde me really sleepy........and counldnt understand
what she said.
in english class, one group did discussion assignment and what i did was just observing that and made comment sheet. but actually it was kinda hard
to figure out chinese- english.... what were they saying???:(
but probably chainese dont understand my japanese english either...
so i wish my turn would never come...^^;

and after classes, i had my circle meeting.
2006's dress was introduced for the first time. my comment is like..
hmmmmmm................. lol

Σ|( ´Д`;) 

2006年04月26日(水) 0時11分
i cut my finger by kitchen knife while cooking,,,,, soooooooooo hurt that made me cry,,,( not actually crying though!!)

more than one week has passed since classes begun.
what made me surprised is that many people are so fluent in speaking english
and almost all of them have big motivation for their future career.
on the other hand i am always dull and powerless in doing anything,,,
i always think what a wonderful world would be if i could stay home all day wathing tv and surfing internet....
now i am writing this blog instead of doing large amount of homework and preparation for tomorrow's listening class.
nothing has stimulated me recently.
only one thing i am looking forward is... to go back my hometown OSAKA during
GW! yeah
but i dont wanna think about the days after i come back here.......
how can i enjoy university and life in tokyo?;;


2006年04月20日(木) 22時37分
yeeaahh yaplog finally work out!
today, i had english class which made me have headache but i think i did better job than last class because i spent much time in preparation.
ha, there is no interesting shows tonight ....
i have to read the book, title of which are 'introduction to philosophy', for i will have a test on philosophy class. i have no confidence that i could get good grade..
today i saw a boy wearing suit in class and heard his saying that he wore them because he worked at a cram school now.
mmmm,, he is still only 18 or 19, and i am just wondering if he has enough knowledge or technique to teach something( maybe English) to students.
very interesting!


2006年04月20日(木) 22時37分
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