It's been a long time...

December 21 [Sun], 2014, 12:40
2014 has come to the end.
I assume everybody is having christmas holiday with their lovale people :-)?
As for me still stuck with hectic job and?
has not enjoying yet.?
I'd like to look back this big year 2014 with picture.?


March 11 [Sun], 2012, 17:13
Time flies.

Really, flies.

flies like a blink an eye.
flies like a speed of the light.

But it passes 365days and it ISN'T that short length of time which passed.

Weekend Holidays!!!

March 23 [Wed], 2011, 2:14
It's been devastating time for her in Japan and still afterquake last.
BUT to support, to cheer up Japan, we need to stick together, be strong and look up for the bright future :-)
We do our best and make a better life☆

Here are some fun pictures from Universal Studio Japan♪

Tsunami crysis in Japan

March 14 [Mon], 2011, 20:00
Dear my friends.

First of all, I'm alive
I'm in a safe (maybe) warm place, keep working from Monday today.
Things haven't changed much at glance but it's been totally different situation in Japan now.

You may have seen the image of Tsunami which hit the northern part of japan other day in Japan.
So many aftershocks happening now....

I was shooting in the studio when the earthquake happened.
It wasn't a big hit like a bomb but felt like as if the ground was moving back and force widely.
The studio was located on the filled ground so after 2 hours passed, the streets started ground liquefaction.
Cars, tracks were sank on the street.

I pray for people in Sendai and Fukushima and wish to get better as soon as possible.
and thinking what I can do for them now!

I just wanted to let you know that I survived!!

Love juN

Recent Diary 2010 Early Summer3

July 07 [Wed], 2010, 20:42

Recent Diary 2010 Early Summer2

July 07 [Wed], 2010, 20:40

Recent Diary 2010 Early Summer

July 07 [Wed], 2010, 18:35

My 27th Birthday!!! 2

May 23 [Sun], 2010, 15:50
On my birthday, I held a party with my friends.
I got so many presents!!! WOWOWWOWOW!!!

My younger brother Yu on the right!!

My colleague also celebrated my birthday at editing studio,,jeje.

My 27th Birthday!!!

May 23 [Sun], 2010, 15:45
On my 27th birthday, I made a trip to IZU with Maki and Yayoi :-)
IZU is a famous for Hot Spring so we had a very relaxing day trip to there!!

Yayoi made a snack bag for trip!!

Spring Party 2!! & a story of long long time ago

April 06 [Tue], 2010, 1:08
Happy Birthday MORIYAMA san!!

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