Urukiora it's God! 

2006年02月15日(水) 16時18分
a CATALAN TEST IS... SUX...I have test today...but I will not go...I do not know it -_-
Changing of subject... URUKIORA COSPLAY! (I have not done the one of Byakuya and I am thinking about a new cosplay...XD) But Urukiora it's God!!!!
The cosplay is very interesting and the character... *_* I love he! But I'm very very concentrated in Riku's cosplay ò_ó The sword this almost finished and the costume this cut... to sew and... already this ^_^... But... I don't know that to do with the hair... to tint or wig? >_< In general the white wigs are horribles T^T I will have to look for well ò_ó and if not to tint...Well... I will do something xD Think Jun...Think!
Well... Don't write much! XD

Bye byeeeeeeeeee

Ishida CUTRE cosplay! 

2006年02月12日(日) 10時34分
Hello! XD
Long time without writing! Bah...Do not read anybody xD
Today I'm so boring... I'm studing again -_- Monday I have a Spanish test and a test of the book Tirant lo Blanc (a book shit xDDDDD)
The effects of this boring is this

A improvised and very very bad cosplay of Ishida of Bleach xD But... this is the boring... well, I don't talk more... xD
Bye byeeeee


2006年01月30日(月) 5時07分
I'm studying verbs in Spanish ò_ó SHIT! I HATE VERBS XD in all languages...I HATE, but if I suspend the test... I suspend the evaluation... SO NO ò_ó

But... but...T_T I'm a BAD studend -_- I'M PIERRE MORHANGE AND I IN THE PARRA EVERYDAY!(HH) but well...xD

I'm going to continue studying... SHIT XD

I'm ill ò_ó 

2006年01月29日(日) 2時42分
Then if, i'm ill -_- I CANNOT EAT CANDIES T_T *dies* I hate rice with garlic T3T... But well, I'm recovering xD Tomorrow I will eat candies ò_ó surely! XD *desperation* xD
I want that Rion takes care of me T^T how in the image H_H

I'm Cain, of course(H)XD

well... bye bye ^_^

My blog XD 

2006年01月28日(土) 0時01分
Hello! This is my blog! And this is my pathetic english, I'm God XDDDDDD
By the way... I'm a spanish girl, for that reason my english is not understood XD
I like cosplay!, dollfies (MSD, SD) [I have a MSD, he's name is Rion], manga, anime, computer games (Galerians, Fatal Frame, FF7 and 9, Suikoden, Valkyrie Profile, Wild Arms, Kingdom Hearts, TOS...), draw, eat candies... XD
I have 18 years and...And this thing, are me with my cosplay of L of Death Note.

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» I'm ill ò_ó (2006年01月29日)
» My blog XD (2006年01月28日)
» My blog XD (2006年01月28日)
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