Can't sleep~ 

February 26 [Tue], 2013, 5:11
Poop!! Just typed a small entry and I clicked "back" by mistake....

Randomly found my blog again through old tumblr "maisukiyo" ><
Now read all old blog entries lol
I'm up so late with David still on Skype and sleeping bc he has work in a few hours!{deco:otomedojo~3182}{deco:otomedojo~3247}

Should try to sleep.....
Thankfully class at 3pm tmrw!!



April 04 [Sun], 2010, 12:25

Anna and I were matching! Yesterday went out with Nina, Anna and brother... to special Friday church event. This time at friend's church uptown rather than other church near the university that Johnny goes too. Last time for VDay/ New Years went to Johnny's church. We met up with Nguyen at the church, where I saw Jason N., Jessica L., Thuy and Vinh N. from the New Years/ VDay event before! Yesterday met: Vuong N, Cong N, Miley T, Joseph N., Ben N., Cathy D, and Mina H. I think that is everyone! Afterward leaving the mountain, went downtown to a pho restaurant (not the chain one...) to eat then bubble tea cafe. At bubble tea, called Nina's older brother to come see us. We lied to him saying to meet my boyfriend named William Robert Bill Tran or something like that! LOL Anna made up that made with me because she learned recently that Bill is short form for William and Bob is short for Robert? Weird. But when we were walking out of the place, one table of white girls (pretty rare for non-Asians to visit, unless with Asian friends) stared at my brother and Nina's brother, so Anna said to them, "What do you want!?"LOL Anna told me they were staring! I didn't realize... creepy girls, Anna wasn't happy! xD

I get Friday afternoon's off from hospital placement... so on Thursday March 4th, went off laptop to see what mum was doing. Saw her on laptop too! Mum was watching Michelle Phan makeup videos on YOUTUBE, so I watched with her! She told me to try the Lancome video during my Friday off, so I did... just last week or so, went to the opening of Sephora in this area. Bought makeup for first time! Or well, mum bought but still first time bought specifically for me! Notice on left eye, full eye makeup but other eye on the right is plain?
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