New Years Resolution!

December 29 [Thu], 2011, 12:31
Well, once again, I have not posted in absolutely ages! (Which is actually only a few days, I think, but it feels like ages!) But it's holidays now and I am free from school! For at least another five weeks anyway (thank goodness!)
The last day of school was actually pretty good! We had the class party and it was amazingly set upby yours truly! , along with the help of my friends Eliza and Tay, along with Dolly, who tied the balloons since we couldn't beforehand...
And it was Tay's last day at our school. I cried, along with heaps of other girls! And it was so awkward because Luke was the first one to come to me and help me out. I felt so touched because he rubbed my back. He was the first one to notice that I was sad because if he hadn't asked me what waswrong, I wouldn't have cried, I think. Me and Luke are actually fairly good friends! We went to the zoo and museum before the last day and me and him hung out heaps! We had so much fun at the museum, because we ran up to our classmates and scared them! It was really funny and we have a paired rock and coin souvenir thing! But once again, I lose to Sarah, even with just friends. I'm really beginning to think that I have no hope with guys.

But you know, I'm excited for next year. Truthfully, I really want an attractive Asian guy in my class. Like, really. Or at least another Asian girl. I want friends that will understand me. Especiallyif it's a girl. We could watch dramas and listen to K-Pop and fan over SHINee, Super Junior and Jung Yong Hwa! And we could go hang out in Central Market and eat Asian foods and share the same taste in Asian guys! And if I invited her over to my house, my mum would just be able to cook rice and meat, rather than buying deep fried oily chips. Bleh.

But besides my personal life, it's no secret that I am attracted to Jung Yong Hwa. My cousin and I had a marathon of the Korean drama: Heartstrings. It was a very adorable and cute drama, and we both loved it. In fact, we're both planning on finding our own Lee Shin-ida!
Jung Yong Hwa, who played the part of Lee Shin, was the cutest thing ever. I think I fell in love with him, and I am eternally forever of Park Shin Hye who played as the girl Lee Shin fell in love with, Gyu Won. She got to kiss him!
I'm jealous!!

And also, I don't think I'm too much into Isaac now. But I don't know if that's because I haven't seen him since the last day of school. But you know, I don't think I want to go anywhere with Isaac so I actually don't want to like him. In fact, that's why I'm hoping there will be an attractive Asian guy in my class. We could become best friends, or more!

Well, I'll make sure to update more these holidays!
Christmas was good as well! I got a camera and a make-up kit thing! I really love my parents. I'm thankful for them and I respect them.

MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: Study. Study. Study. Study. I want to make my parent's proud and I want to do this for myself as well! And also, I'm going to make sure to practice the violin more! I can't keep slacking, and you know, I don't actually want to do those violin exams! I want violin to be a part of my joy!
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