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May 11 [Sat], 2013, 9:34
Leading business security provider, AlertSystems, has responded to Automatic Number Plate Recognition aiding in the capture of four men.(PRWEB UK) 26 April 2013

Four men have beenon suspicion of stealing a number plate and petrol from locations in the Droitwich Spa area, reports the Droitwich Advertiser.

The newspaper reports that Warwickshire Police managed to track down and catch the criminals after the vehicle registered on an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system as it entered the town.

The Droitwich Advertiser reports that the four men, aged between nineteen and twenty-seven were taken into custody at Leamington Spa for questioning and released on conditional police bail pending further enquiries.

As security specialists, AlertSystems understand the importance of ANPR and its ability to aid in the capture of criminals by providing valuable vehicle information.

A spokesperson from AlertSystems:

“The capture of these criminals with the use of ANPR shows the importance of its technology to track and capture vehicles. In industries where vehicles are consistently present such as petrol stations, delivery drop off points and car parks,provides the ability to monitor vehicles easily.

“Businesses are able to match new details with an entire database of vehicles, allowing staff to search for entries from a particular time, date, name or vehicle model.”

AlertSystems manage and maintain over 5000 security installations throughout the UK and are specialists in providing business security solutions. Offering professional service and a complete range of security services such as monitored alarm systems,and Avigilon CCTV security systems. Alert Systems offers effective and reliable solutions to security problems.

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