2006年02月16日(木) 22時59分
I want to post.But,my English ability is immature...

"I shoud have studied English better. "


Too cold! 

2006年01月18日(水) 20時06分
It was warm till yesterday,but today is too cold.Because I like warm , it is sad.

I'm looking forward to coming SPRING SEASON


2005年12月25日(日) 21時52分
Today is christmasHow do you spend?

I caught a cold but I enjoyed Christmas.

Here's wishing this season brings you happy memories to cherish always


2005年12月11日(日) 18時05分
It was cloudy and cold todayI know that the update has stagnated:-(

I want to be a powerful and sophisticatedSo I want to study about a lot.

Time is money.Life is short.Be yourself! and I should be myself:-)


Have a Merry Christmas 

2005年11月16日(水) 3時10分
Christmas is coming soon.I love Christmas. The town is decorated.It's very good.When I'm walking town,I can hear christmas songAnd lovely christmas goods are sold now.I enjoy watching themI like this time in one year

I want to buy the omnibus of the Christmas song now. There are a lot of good album that the choir sings but I cannot find the omnibus of the pop music version Christmas song.

Knowing the culture of the foreign country, and being familiarized to it are very wonderful

Let's enjoy Christmas

It became a really happy season.

It is cold 

2005年11月12日(土) 21時28分
Yesterday was very cold.The minimum temperature was 15℃ yesterday.So,my nose is running...Tissues are decreasing at a fast pace:-(

Today was warm in the noon.But it gets cold when night falls.My room is cold,too.

I drunk ginger tea,but my nose hasn't stopped running yet.Oh,I want to take a bath.

teen VOGUE 

2005年11月08日(火) 21時42分
A month ago,I bought a magazine"teen VOGUE".This is a foreign magazine.That is to say it is written in English.

I wanted to get this,because there was an article about Emma Watson.Emma Watson is my favorite actress.This magazine's cover is Emma,too!

And I wanted to read articles about American teenagers' fashion,life,thoght and culture in English.So,I selected "teen VOGUE". What is more "VOGUE"means fashion;"ryuukou"in Japanese.:-)

I haven't read this yet. I'm just reading this looking up a word in a dictionary...

Nice Weather 

2005年11月07日(月) 11時26分
Tokyo is fine today though it was rainy yesterday. I feel so good!! I love the sky which cleared up.

In autumn,I often feel hungry.So,just now I went to store to buy something to eat....Sweets,sandwich and so on...! At lunch,I'm gonna eat them.

I had a good time. 

2005年11月04日(金) 21時43分
I went to a party with friends.I stuffed myself with a feast :-)

I can't have a drink well,so I ordered a beer.I thought that a beer was light. But it's spirituous!! When I wanted to go a restroom and I stood up,my head swam. I felt a slight nausea...

As time goes by,I was getting better.I had many time talking with friends.We became intimate! Oh! I had a very very good time!

Today was very good day!

My First Article in English 

2005年11月03日(木) 20時08分
I decided to keep a diary in English. My English isn't very well,but I want to improve my English and commune with it.

I can't part with a dictionary. I don't have a good writing,and moreover I don't know that I can go on keeping this diary.

Nevertheless I decided !!
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