2005年02月27日(日) 22時49分
Today is dragonraja final a day at on internet.
dragonraja is me the 1st play online game, is me now think the amusingest online game too
Still remember at first play its, feels very interesting, very funny ~ can know a lot of people
Now play rise have no this kind of feel...
It makes me know not a few persons, have good person, has bad person too, greater part manies have all already lost contact with...
Make me love play on online game too... But now play rise other game, has no good feel.

Next Tuesday... 

2005年02月24日(木) 22時00分

Next Tuesday, I start going to work.
Try hard seek job time while me, old company calls me go to work, mood is very worried, wage is very low ~
Current blackdogyy is the second generation..... The first generation cover me not carefully delete besides, and still use 100 dd to delete....
Just save dd buy new house to it enough


2005年02月15日(火) 23時22分
Started me feed a black dog blackdogyy yesterday, I feel it seem to me... haha~ good like sleeping
Diary up that, I start knowing how feed it
It already 5 lv ~ there fast.

New Year so good 

2005年02月15日(火) 22時28分
The New Year so good,
Disappointd matter : gift of money $$ innovates low....
Very good matter : has job make...

Wish tree falls down in the first a days, the beginning of the year five, we go to there, there a lot of people at that moment!!! We go to at that moment bumper-to-bumper congestion, 10 minutes time for riding a vehicle is original, becomes one hour unexpectedly........................
I do already not approve go to, they how all want to go to..
Backhaul... Is same...
I saw cousin brother's girl friend that day, is her feel very be like my friend Senny
Mother forces I want with her chat... I am all with her silent all the time, is my character heat-proof, faces the once meet person, talks not come to word.......

My mother said meet Senny last night, she has a bunch of flower in hand, cares look at spend, can'ts see my mother call her... She is very happy..... haha

My mother word my : fast some seek job, can really work seek you make automaticly?
Now time word are efficacious... Old company called me yesterday, want me go to work in March...

Today Fun come my family in, very long disappear her, she changes understand dress up, my younger brother very have no politeness... Gets sight of person do all not understand greet.

China the New Year 

2005年02月08日(火) 22時06分
China the New Year come fast!
Today year 30 is late, was like same last year again, mother cooks mass New Year's Eve family dinner, very delicious!
However deal many, eat does not finish...... Do already not take a meal, only eat vegetable...
Talk about food, and Mei they ate supper the day before yesterday, met fat toa at that moment unexpectedly (in tvb before introduces cate's fat man), honorable person than go mirror still fat! Seem to have ten lunar bingies...
OLDWong new marry is very happy!!!! I look her marriage photo, she is very beautiful! Bridegroom very not handsome haha

Today is my house very beautiful too, whether do not know however can maintain several for long?

Worship deity time, sincerity wish oneself , family good health comes and go safety...

Mind test 

2005年01月04日(火) 18時40分
My diary in finds this mind test at the other, to a play
http://campus. youthwant. com. tw/school/index. php

I am....
Bramble weighs red berries again, is a kind of aggregation berry, taste unique like rub equal to many kinds fruit same. Parse result is bramble's you, possess Bian Hua Duo Duan De character, freaky you all keep height curiosity to many different affairs, study speed fast too, but maybe city nothing but three minutes heat, difficult to getter come out oneself really take interest in and can lasting favoured affairs, very lack of patiently too. Suggestion bramble should cultivate own fix strength and endurance, as long as is able to choose a you favouredest matter persevere, have chance rush come out a round of varieties.

(Say several right too......)

Does proper friend object : Gold berries
His mature steadility is what you shortcoming, can become your good companion.

Proper love object : Man exceed berries
Mysterious Man exceed berries attract your pay attention to quite.

ball of glutinous rice 

2004年12月21日(火) 23時55分
On midwinter today, I make ball of glutinous rice.
Make go now my hand very ache, however is very amusing!
Mother praises I do good-looking.
Have for free new game play again, is Gold Yong 2.
This only game has little strange...feel.
Every day mother is always say to I : seeks work la fast. (Irritated)


2004年12月19日(日) 2時26分
Illness ...

game show 

2004年12月17日(金) 23時55分
Very long do not see Ming, is going about he go to game show on Friday, he changes high (?).. Abhorrent.. Just I am short..
His clothing good-looking before...
hehe the a glance see him, a little embarrassed.....

Sigh with emotion :
Very want to buy ps2~~~

married & see work 

2004年12月12日(日) 3時42分

I am see work in the first several days, result is all wait for news
However is fortunately, do so not like the once see work miserable...
On Monday, is my friend get married big days, I am her sister.
That day, very tiresome, take place how many disturbance, however all can settle.
Actually I can be regarded as inept sister... I just follow run, do not make what....
I just take photo.................. I have a few help!
We design play bride & bridegroom, however bridegroom helps bridal fully, bridegroom bear total game...

Haha I all advantaged receive finally... Hundred several is big dollar...
However, real very tired, because ~ very quickly

Sigh, so get married troubled originally...
However, so they certainly very happy ~~~ will get sight of them love the opposite in the future!
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