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April 26 [Fri], 2013, 11:58
The rush that must have went through Isaiah’s body was off the charts, He made it, he was on a NBA team, the Sacramento jerseys cheap

Isaiah in his junior year for Washington averaged 16.8 points per game, 6.0 assists per game and 3.5 rebounds (did I say he is 5’9”), and got over 1 steal a game.

I have heard Isaiah Thomas say many times in interviews, “the only thing I have is my heart and my effort”. Also that he holds a little grug that he feels strongly that he should have been picked a lot higher than he was, but he loves the Sacramento Kings!

So this little man, is on a mission and has a heart bigger than most players in the NBA and has a lot more effort than most players in the NBA.

Just what the Sacramento Kings need!cheap jersey

cheap jerseys free shipping Think for a minute about this roller coaster he has been on, after being draft the reality sets in that the NBA is in a lock-out, then when on the brink of most likely no season, a deal gets done, yeah!