such as identification hogan donna fabric selvage yarn direction and parallel

July 18 [Wed], 2012, 11:03

A fabric raw material identification methods: soft, visual, chemical dissolution method, microscope observation method, medicines and coloring, and combustion method. The specific identification method in the data of textile materials is described in detail. 2, the warp and weft of the fabric to the difference between , such as identification hogan donna fabric selvage yarn direction and parallel to the selvage is by the other is zonal. (2), the sizing of the warp direction, not sizing the weft direction. the density of the general fabric of the Lord is through to the density of small zonal. (4), reed mark fabric, reed marks the direction of the warp, the half-line fabric, usually the direction of the strands through, yarn direction of weft. (6), single yarn fabric yarn twist pumping at the same ime, the hoagan outlet Z twist to the warp, S twist weft. the special number of warp and weft of the fabric, twist, twist are insignificant, yarn evenness, good luster warp. , if the fabric of yarn twist, then twist the majority have been small, with a twist for the zonal , towel fabric, its from the terry yarn direction by, can not afford to terry for zonal. (10), striped fabric, the its sliver direction is usually in the meridional direction. , if the fabric has a yarn with a variety of special number in this direction was by to. (12), leno fabric, the direction of twist of the yarn, non-twisted yarn, the direction of the hogan scarpe zonal , mixed fabrics of different raw materials, generally cotton or hogan 2012 cotton interwoven fabric, cotton warp; wool silk mixed fabrics, silk warp; hair silk floss mixed fabrics, silk, cotton warp; natural silk and silk mixed fabrics, natural line of the warp; cross natural silk and rayon fabrics, natural silk warp. The fabric uses a very wide, variety is also a lot of the requirements of the fabric material and organizational structure is varied, so the judgment, but also according to the specific circumstances of the fabric. Three fabric positive and negative difference , a positive pattern of the general fabric, the opposite of color than the clear and beautiful. , with the appearance of the stripe of fabric and color pattern fabric positive pattern must be clear and pleasing to the eye. , the convex section and embossing fabric, front close and delicate, with a stripe or pattern embossed; negative than the rough, longer floats. , raising the fabric: The fabric of the single-sided fluff from the plush side of the front. Double-sided fluff fabric, while the villi clean, neat as the front of the fabric., the observed fabric selvage, selvage bright and clean, neat as the front of the fabric. , double-layer, multi-layer fabric, such as the sides of the warp and weft density is generally positive willing to have a greater density or positive material better. , Leno: clear lines twist by prominent positive. , towels, fabric: terry density positive. , printed fabrics: flowers clear color than the bright side for the front. , the whole piece of fabric: In addition to exports, where the paste instructions and covered with factory inspection chapter is generally negative. Most of the fabrics, the positive negative obvious difference, but there are a lot of fabric front and back are very similar, can be applied on both sides, so that the fabric may from time to insist on the difference between its positive and negative.

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