Debt agreement has been reached Obama calls for both parties not to waste time

July 12 [Tue], 2011, 12:57
President Obama and congressional leaders on Monday to cut back on spending, avoid August 2 debt default in reach an agreement, the republicans agree to add the new tax facing pressure.
In about 90 minutes of the meeting, the two sides did not a breakthrough, and the third day of talks is scheduled for Tuesday. Obama said in a news conference before, now is the republican and democratic "pulling off a band-aid, eat peas," and sacrifice. (a bandage will affect the scar healing. "eat peas" generation to show people not work but must do.)
"Now do not move, more wait for when?" Obama said.
Know the White House Democratic Party members in the secret negotiations, said Democrats at the meeting made clear, not as republicans wish to cut back on spending, contains only the reduced red bill yes vote.
They said that Obama's point of view, if not increase taxes, then reduce red plan only slightly higher than most scale ($1.5 trillion). But signs $14.3 trillion debt limit maintain by the end of 2012 is estimated at 2 trillion dollars.
The Treasury has warned that if congress in August 2 has failed to improve debt ceiling, then deal with the spending money will be consumed. Inaction may make the heavy do global market, a recession, impact and threatening dollar reserve status.

The performance of the us stock on Monday for nearly a month, mainly because of the worst investors worry the government stalled, and the euro zone's debt problems heating up.
Although investors still think around debt problems will reach agreement, but on this international concerns about the warming can't solve the problem, still make decisive market popularity damaged.
Barack Obama and senator discussed by the vice President biden lead team have discussed a minus red plan. The plan will include the high to 2 trillion ($) some of the signs in the content, but after the Democrats about $400 billion tax loopholes termination of the requirements and that the negotiations in burst.
The Democrats have to cut the poor and the elderly welfare spending proposal, but the speaker of the house of representatives is unhappy with boehner in negotiation made it clear that the republican party in making such a vote was also not too easy.
For the Democrats on most in order to move should focus on the future implementation, rather than immediately start advice, boehner also put forward the objection.
Obama said at a news conference, he already do all they can to and republicans consultations to try to put forward a kind of idea, need not make them a tax increase next month will vote.
Obama said he has been trying to negotiate a project and also is a tax increase, but not at once again in a few years the high.
"No one in the now raise taxes. We discussed are in 2013 and a few years after the may." Obama said.
Obama in recent reporters at the White House called on congress to two parties, for those inevitable things should not delay decisions, shall be immediately agree tax increases and cuts in welfare programs.
Some republican senators proposed short-term debt to improve cap and, thereby, to negotiate the more difficult problem to win time. But barack Obama continue to pressure, excludes this may.
"Here is the United States of America, we can't do things every three months it will be again." he said.
Barack Obama in the hope of intense debate in the image of the centrist hat. In 2012, he ran for re-election hopes not only in the U.S. unemployment rate is lower, still must be attracted the support of independent voters. These independent voters have been Washington partisan bickering get bored unbearable, take the tougher measures to rectify the state Treasury.
Republicans resolutely oppose tax increases, while Obama's Democrats are desperately in Social Security, Medicare and maintenance Medicaid these pension and healthcare insurance plan. These plans on poor strata and ageing population, is considered to be sacrosanct.
Obama says his party willing to make some sacrifices, but looking forward to republican also make corresponding compromise.
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