in the expanse new balance 996 singapore of the river

November 04 [Mon], 2013, 10:55
That night, she is painting on the waterfront, with exuberance, canvas and easel. Months has been painting on the canvas of mountain, River and mountain city under the lights, the composition is fresh. But the vast and hazy Ethereal void, in her home in Shanghai and saw that one of the mountains in vague asked painting structure, atmosphere is mysterious and bizarre. When she leaves, maintained, together with the unfinished painting away, without a Word, did not say a Word, a thing never left.That night, Moonlight Crystal, Misty, come out from behind the clouds, the Moon, in the expanse new balance 996 singapore of the river out of shiny silver. She seems to have been a last minute change of mind. Originally, she seemed to be happy, after the crying stopped, the mood has become comfortable, said: "I want to tell you I have!" However, this is unnoticed, think you have plenty of time, sooner or later will hear her say, she suddenly said and go! talk when a warm happy, her face suddenly pale, saying: "tonight, I go back, I'll come tomorrow. ”

River is larger pebbles, concave concave-convex, standing on one foot above the pain. Ferry boats parked in the River were already filled half the boat people, boat owners will be put in full before they leave. Held leapt from the diving board on the boat, found a place to pull over in the cabin morphed into crammed to new balance minimus zero singapore sit down. Boatman Xiang Jiating charged expenses for ship traveling right now. Cold Wind River on board a group of strangers in the face, some good, some numbness, some drunk, some dingy. Beside a soldier a little familiar. He wears yellow cotton semi old uniforms, major collar, yellow face, rapport, 30-something. Held glanced at him, he glanced home held. He was smoking and eat smoked smelly, seemed to be thinking.
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