in 1953 the County per nike air max 90 cheap capita production

August 08 [Thu], 2013, 11:18
As a provincial party Committee Deputy Secretary-General, he has been used over the years to a traditional thinking and traditional working methods, and have always been very satisfied with the work of the former Secretary, on his. Alas, he's not working! Successive backfired! Its own set of opinion of himself is "creative work", but now have become superfluous.Zhang Shengmin got off the phone, just got nike air max 1 sale out of the yard, they saw a slide a car pulls into the compound of provincial party Committee--this is the city's leaders came.He went up to her and put these people into a small conference room.Tian fujun by this issue, very sad duty to deal with the situation of agricultural production in the County. He boldly stated that their village this is the case, perhaps reflecting a mood of farmers in the County. Sun Shaoan this approach is correct, you can discuss; but since it has been extremely poor in rural areas, people have to find a way to maintain their survival.

As a pipe, Deputy Director of the agriculture, put on a pool of Standing Committee Tian fujun immediately to digital: in 1953 the County per nike air max 90 cheap capita production of grain 900 pounds, and last year dropped to 600 pounds, nearly one-third less. In the 20 years from 58 to 77, Member 16 years average ration of less than 350 pounds; last year, only 315 pounds and 300 pounds following 241 Brigade, more than 41,000 people, one-third of the total population in the County. 49 production of oil products nine pounds per capita 22, dropped last year to a kilo of 92...... Members of low-income, heavily indebted, have not enough for food and clothing. Workday value only two or three cents average cash income of only 30 or 40 Yuan per household. Overruns arrears reached 2,300. National loans of nearly 10 million Yuan last year, owed more than 50 Yuan per capita. Members under collective grain reserves more than 13 million pounds, equivalent to nearly a year in the County acquisition task ... ...
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