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September 07 [Fri], 2012, 16:30
Sina microblogging "JustDoIt" Home upper placed a "jogger" advertising. A deserted road, deserted the lens stretch, the 12-year-old boy from London, Nathan, obesity, panting, but it does not stop.A suspected "Just Do It" official micro administrator posted screenshots, issued 30 minutes after Liu Xiang fall microblogging, microblogging new 8101 fans, 5619 have not yet read the reviews in a timely reebok easytone uk manner, forwarding number 78667 amended.Audience coverage, participation and social hotspots manufacturing, this battle can be said that the social media platform of 'ambush marketing' brought to a new height, but also can be predicted for Nike in China over competitors social impact the Li Ji evaluation.

"We hope that the 'great' and the word can be closer to the average consumer, so this was not a selection of the world's top athletes, but rather general athletes, or your favorite sport I do protagonist last adidas speed boat copywriting be relatively wide range of accepted, where the key point is that we feel that 'empathy'. HuangXiangYan said.Sports marketing, positive guidance. "Zhang Zujian. "For example, Liu Xiang Copywriter from encouraging, inspiring perspective but rather on the Internet at this time there have been many questioned Liu Xiang, the sound of the abusive, Nike focused on the Chinese market as a whole, by the shock of Chinese sports audience mind comfort, accurately captures the emotion. From this perspective, the brand is very mature. "

It is worth noting that, in addition to the the Liu Xiang few athletes sponsored by Nike, copywriting is the face of the other athletes were not there."A lot of consumers do not know who sponsored the Olympic Games, just feeling who sponsored the Olympic Games." Famous ad man, Mr. Ye once said. "In fact, the beginning, the attention is not high, slowly, only Nike say adidas adipure iv sale quite moving to be more concerned about us. Course, the highest summit in the game when Liu Xiang." HuangXiangYan .This is largely attributed to the close connection with Nike and Olympic schedule. Olympic opening two days ago, Nike released the "FindYourGreatness" commercials. Followed by the start of the tournament, along with Li Na, Wang Hao, Sun Yang Ye poetry, the lindane their applause or lost, Nike always immediate release copywriting and subsequently sparked heated debate.
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