2008 Beijing Olympic adidas jawpaw water retire the way we looked at him

September 07 [Fri], 2012, 16:29
"The basic principle is copywriting should not grandstanding, not to criticize, to say shirk its responsibility." HuangXiangYan said, "For example, Liu Xiang, our cooperation began in 2002, Nike experienced with him in the 2004 Athens Olympics medals, experienced a 12 seconds to 88, 2008 Beijing Olympic adidas jawpaw water retire the way we looked at him, and came together. copywriting scale of measure is the real views of our athletes, the game, the game turning point not want to say what to say, or for an earth-shattering point, that kind of stuff, there is no way touched by consumers. allow others touched, never just how we think about the sport, how to see the game real. "

"Nike Liu Xiang issue response, both a sense of, is disappointing. Rapid response is very good in 2008, but today's 'great' ad a adidas adizero feather mere formality. Before they have launched a new ad every day , to Liu Xiang Here, everyone has been fatigued. 'excessive marketing', this degree beginning master, have nothing to do. "Li Ji. "Big brands such as Nike, I think he should have a higher level and realm."The term of the Olympic flame has been extinguished, the Nike ads triggered discussion continues. "Great never closing", a member of the "dark room" dollysori wrote in her latest one microblogging.What do you expect from a pair of running shoes or a pair of basketball shoes?

New materials to make them slimmer? Humane design allows the parcel more comfortable? New technology to keep your feet safer, more pleasant to kiss the ground? "I think this so-called 'emotional' as it is 'emotional'. Many hot events generated by the Olympic Games can inspire people to a reebok zigtech uk variety of emotional, Nike has done, is to cater to and use of these emotions, some people feel the big brands own ideas, generate goodwill and brand recognition, but this is not the only one we have seen a lot of people, this strong, tired slogans 'emotional' demands, the so-called too far Li Ji said.Questioned the voice is still there.
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