records the state of adidas adizero f50 sale motion data in the shoes

September 07 [Fri], 2012, 16:27
LeBron James and Yi Jianlian are during the London Olympic Games answer to "sneak in" body odor problem. June 29, 2012, Nike launched the Nike + Basketball and the Nike + Training two products, the theme of the two products is to track your movement the implanted chip records the state of adidas adizero f50 sale motion data in the shoes, pressure sensing technology to the real-time data transmission to mobile phones. Mark Parker, Nike president and CEO, in the release of the product, when excitedly said: "This has been far more than the significance of a pair of shoes, representing rose from providing products to provide products and experience level."

But Nike is not the first one to share the glory "of sports manufacturer Adidas in 2004 announced that they developed the world's first transplant smart chip sports shoes, took three years, Adidas claimed was full of hope for Adidas. " This double "Adidas" constitute a very complex, equipped with adidas trainers uk computer chips, micro-motors, sensors and batteries in the soles, with a total weight of 40 grams, occupies one-tenth of the weight of the shoes, compared with the general running shoes This pair of shoes is also equipped with compressed gases, shock absorber parts and spring, Adidas official spokesman said that these shoes have induction, adaptation and ability to understand, when people wear the shoes started running, the sensor is located under the heel measured pressure the size, and then the information is sent to the chip.

But have you ever thought, even a pair of shoes to do the extreme, it is also just a pair of shoes. "...... May wish to expand the imagination: If you give these shoes with some cross-border elements and technology such as digital, wireless Internet, communities, and even transplant inside a chip, this adidas ledge low pair of "shoes" How will it change your life movement? in order to adjust the degree of hardness of the shoes according to the state of motion of the people, such as when the shoes vacated, micro-motors began to adjust the insole of the roots if the runners movement than 10 minutes, the chip can also be automatically The hardness of the closed insole is maintained at a constant state. The whole system relies on a lithium battery-driven, the need to replace the battery every 100 hours.
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