powerful reebok shoes uk protection is not its strong point

September 07 [Fri], 2012, 16:26
This sounds fascinating, but two shoes and Adidas fell swoop overwhelm Nike, one user can talk about feelings, said: "The system has greatly improved an extra pair of shoes costs ... the whole double other materials of the shoes are very ordinary, ankle and heel are not comfortable, and powerful reebok shoes uk protection is not its strong point. "The biggest problem is that, regardless of the 1st Adidas basketball shoes or subsequently launched, they are far more general running shoes heavy and expensive. , Adidas, weighing 400 grams, more than 100 grams and the lightest running shoes, basketball shoes is also true. And Official price reached 2,880 yuan, this price is enough to buy two pairs of lighter, even more dazzling top Nike basketball shoes, a fan said: "This chip is really cool, but the price is too high, and toss open chip, the shoes themselves and not particularly attractive to my place. "

When Adidas countersink the development and introduction of smart shoes, Nike has not been idle, but different culture and product design ideas with Adidas to Nike to take another road. Simply put, Adidas adidas running shoes sale product design over the years, some German conservative and rigorous, they are good at manufacturing effective but not externalization value; Nike is good at technology packed into a very good marketing concept, and provide consumers with the value of externalization.

Constantly heavyweight product launch in smart shoes Adidas, Nike did not rush to follow the one hand, they focus on how to make the shoes become more "light", including the fly line (so that the surface of the shoes adidas jeremy scott uk lighter, more robust) The combination of Nike running shoes and basketball shoes, which consumers can directly sensing and quantifiable value; On the other hand, Nike shoes intelligent in another way, this is the "Nike + iPod" program.Adidas listed No. 1 at the end of 2004, 2005, Adidas persistent efforts, the introduction of technology the same strain, but improved basketball shoes. It is also the world's first basketball shoe to provide automatic damping function, it can be keenly felt in running athletes, and even emergency stop off and pressure changes, so as to adjust the soles of softness and hardness. In addition, the chip can also be analyzed to filter all of the data, summed up the user's habits, to make more timely and rapid adjustment.
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