Chapter II 

March 26 [Thu], 2009, 9:07
Let's say like this... Today feels like my lucky day.
-Im happy
-No homework
-Chill weekend
-Pia soon

I feel good in short words!

tbh, I feel like dancing and singing..

anyway, today on our swedishlesson, i told my class about my dear friend Rei who commited suicide in june 2008. Or... noone is sure if it was suicide or just a regular overdose by drugs. Anyway... i started cry on stage and I said thanx to the girls in my class 'cuz they did support me the day after i had the phonecall from Rei's parents. Oh.. I really love them, even if some of them are like... "not okay"...
Some of them are strange, but yeah. I still love them.
I don't have words enough to tell them how much they mean to me.

well.. I really miss Rei and remember him as if it was yesterday we where dancing in the park that late summernight two years ago. I knew him for liek 10 years or something like that and we where close friends aswell. I could really feel my heart break when i heard about his death.

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Lets take it all from the beginning, im not from japan, im swedish and are NOT speaking japanese of any kind. So please if you write to me, don't do it in japanese, use english. bye
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