October 16 [Sun], 2005, 22:50
Mood: Tired + Painful
Lunch: Maggie Noodle
Music:海洋之心 - 蔡依林
Woke up at 1pm today feeling super uncomfortable... Cramp until siao.... muz be the ice-cream yesterday nite.. Wake up with the feeling pain and dizzy and dieing.... Luckily and painfully... the cramp last for 1hour.. Didnt feel like doing anything today muz be of the cosy and rainy weather... make me feel so slacky and sleeping the whole day.. PLus my REDHORN that stupid session thing is not working.. makes me no mood to do the pj.. Watched SHANGHAI KNIGHTS at 7.15pm @ Channel 5.. Super nice.. nice fighting scenes..h hah

Some screen captures i got from the web:


October 15 [Sat], 2005, 23:45
Mood: Slacking
Lunch: Porridge + Peanuts
Song: 王非 - 只愿为你守着约

Sleep until 1pm den wake up today.. SUPER SHOIK sia.. Looong time neva sleep until soo good liaoz... Was working on the REDHORN HTML changes for the WHOLE of afternoon today.. Damn it man. .realli spoil my weekend..~~~ .. Watched 康熙来了 at 11.30pm.. today's guess is 林芝灵 .. Taiwan most beautiful model..~

Have to go and work in REDHORN again liaoz..

OPS Outing

October 14 [Fri], 2005, 23:03
Mood: Happy but Sleepy
Lunch: Yong Tau Fu
Song: BoA - コノヨノシルシ

Was suppose to leave office (UOB) at 5pm for OPs outing.. However, 人算不如天算, there's was a DD (demand draft) production issue Steven and Xin Hui have to handle.. So the team waited until 9.15pm for the users to test finish etc den we can leave.. Took a cab from UOB tampines to East Coast Park (Marine Cove).. Headed towards Kenny Rogers Roaster to have our dinner with the rest of the OPs team.. ate until 10.30pm.. and was ask to leave coz the resturant was closing.. shared cab with boss home.. reached home at 11.00pm.. watched 富豪刑事 until 3am den slp.. hahha

Lazy day...~

October 12 [Wed], 2005, 23:47
Mood: Lazy Lunch: Pizza Hut (Seafood Supreme + BBQ Chicken Regular Pan) Song: Landy - 北斗星 Got a personality test from my email, and this is wad my birthday flower: Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Also went for spending money spree with Xinhui after our work.. Wen to Watsons to buy pimple cream.. Actually I'm only aiming for T3 Pimple Gel.. but in the end, ended up spending $50 on one facial wash, pimple cream and make-up remover..

Sleepy Restless Tuesgay

October 11 [Tue], 2005, 23:52
Mood: Sleepy
Current Song: Yes933
Lunch: A BIG plate of vegterian rice

Didnt really sleep well last nite.. Keep waking up in the middle of the night, (reasons?) i aso dunno.. maybe it could be that i switched on my pc for the whole nite yesterday downloading.. Finished downloading Final Fantasy VII and Zhi Ai movie.. Well thought of watching em on my weekends...

Keep having the feeling of 'late for work' these few days.. Makes me realli sicken sia.. The after-effects for the last few week 'see wrong time'.. . Didnt realli do much work in the office today... Kept having this "Servlet Exception: java.lang.String" error.. Wondered for a few hours after that den realized that i'm trying to cast a String into an VO object.. Stupid of me.. Didnt realized that request.getParameter("abc") returns a String... stupid of me.. So only ended up finshing one flow only.. Very slow progress...~ Time is RUNNING OUT!! ..

Stress-less Monday Yippieee....

October 11 [Tue], 2005, 0:36

CYB Dev Server was down for the whole morning and afternoon today until 5.30pm. Which means that we can only code without testing. Very sian, cannot test. So ended up playing jigsaw puzzle. Haven been updating for quite sometime.. Few things happened.

Yesterday (9/10/05) : Grandma and GrandPa (mother side) birthday dinner held in Exclesior Hotel. Me and my sis made our own way there by bus coz we didnt want to spend them at grandparents house doing nuthing.

8/10/05: Met up Ronald to discuss about project details. Lata met ting @ her house to burn CDs and went to bought Serena baby boy Ryan's first month gift.

7/10/05: Mommy birthday~! Daddy bought her a coffee cake.. I took down some pictures, will be posting up lata..


First Update

September 29 [Thu], 2005, 23:40
K色契約 - 杜コ偉 (遇見幸福100% 偶像劇情歌最精選)
Cheese and Sauuage Prata and Plain Prata
: $5.00

Was working on my PIB project today. Managed to at least finished up 1 screen. Always felt really really lost when I do this PIB project. Thou I was in the company for 3 months, but I've been switching in between 2 projects, firstl;y is BIB, next is WUTS. I only join PIB project 4 days ago. I'm still very lost.. too many classes, tag libraries etc to cope with. Always wanted to help out the team but also dunno wad can I do.

Have been working from 10am till 8pm today.. Excatly 9 hours excluding lunch time.. SUPER tiring.. Get home to watch my 9pm show and realli drop dead into bed..
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