Don't take my heart

December 13 [Fri], 2013, 12:08

More than once, someone said to me, longing for the love. They are about thirty years old. Bear the responsibility. Convergence his temper. Do you have problemsman t shirt.

They say in the most is the family, house, car. With people older than themselves together, always feel the pressure. Feel with their tails, after struggling to catch up. Watching them to climb. Work steadily, I admire, neck painLED Lighting.

Life, this game, what time can be considered completegarage storage systems?

"If I like you, still so young, I'll do what what thing...... When we are young, to do all the things you want to do." Every time I hear this, the mood suddenly heavy, freedom is always relative. Even though clearly know what you want, and sometimes feel weak.

More grow up more to understand, parents worry. Every parent has tried to want to give the best for their children. Provide the best conditions. Win at the starting line. Beijing, in contrast, resources are also very rich. You can stand on a higher platform. To see the wider world. So, there will be so many people scramble for. Although the life pressure, would not let the children received poor pain.

Every time I see many-storied buildings, always feel constrained and uneasy. Have a strong sense of cramped and oppression. In the bright behind, who can see the variegated shadows? The pavilion is higher, the more dangerous the fall, climb up more difficult. The flamboyant, perhaps only the arrogant and despotic. Not the temptation is not enough, but the stakes are not high.

Relative to the congenital advantage, individual effort was not worth mentioning, or just an utterly inadequate measure. When the call to tell mother, I have nothing, she smiled, don't worry, until one day, you will get what you want. Don't know the words, to coax me many times. But, in addition to the humble efforts, and maintain a good peace of mind, still can do what?

"I may have what want: that every infinite spin down the dark and each step or surplus thrilling glorious......" The craving, heart deep sometimes, can't imagine. Afraid of yourself in three years, and now nothing. Or, we are now almost three years later, we can be quite different. And every time a little bit of idle, the mood began to panic. Always want to find a point what, let themselves from the make blind and disorderly conjectures, good packing some vacancies.

With the idea of more and less, the heart becomes more and more. Not too rich imagination, not so much joy and sorrow. The swing in the hope and despair on the balance of. Need daily record, to appease the inner struggle. It seems as if it is an instant progress, need to see time portrayed mark. The unable to hold oneself back mood, doping fears, particularly alarming. The most profound company, alone, is the fear of the.

Panic, fear, busy as a city theme. All along in the busy incessantly ground, afraid not keep up the pace.

Sometimes, eager to stop. In every weekend morning, listen to the radio voice, feel the warmth of the sun through the glass.

Sea chestnut, precarious, fate. Really be able to do a few negative my heart? Can hold is only the present, while the sun is shining, the breeze is not dry, the time, follow your heart!
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